Nebula [Company]

Nebula is one of the most prominent companies that specialize in software and hardware technologies. The headquarters of the company is located within California. However, there are offices of it located in Washington and Seattle.  What is Nebula known for?  Nebula is well known for the cloud computing hardware appliances that are offered to the … Read more

Lyft [Company]

Lyft is one of the most popular companies that develop a mobile app, which can be used for car vehicle hire, it is possible to get any type of vehicle to hire with the help of the Lyft app. On the other hand, Lyft is offering food delivery and a bicycle sharing system as well. … Read more

Getty Images [Company]

This article is for all those people wanting to know about Getty Images company and what this is all about. Most of us only know that this is a platform that provides some cool pictures without knowing what this is about. We will cover every single detail of Getty Images company so can get all … Read more

Cognizant [Company]

Operations define an organization. Who reports where, what tools do they use to work, what results are they expected to deliver, and other logistics shape the success of companies. The past decade has seen a major shift in the way things are done with the increased inventions and innovations going on. Technology has been a … Read more

VMT GMBH [company]

VMT is a well-known company that deals in providing innovative ideas and solutions for logistics management, navigation technologies, and many other things. This company mainly deals with the tunnel project. They ensure a streamlined process that gives modern and networked solutions for all the tunnel projects. One of the biggest factors is the 3D  measurement … Read more

Idera [company]

Idera is one of the most reputed companies that focus on the development and delivery of B2B software for the people. It is quite popular for offering database tools. On top of the database tools, Idera is providing access to test management tools, development tools, and even DevOps tools. The headquarters of Idera is located … Read more

THX [company]

THX is the trade name that is given for the high-fidelity sound reproduction standard. This technology is widely being used in screening rooms, movie theatres, computer speakers, home theatres, and even car audio systems. Moreover, we can see the THX standard being presented with some of the latest gaming consoles that are offered to the … Read more

Hyundai [company]

Hyundai is well-known around the world as an automobile manufacturing company. The company is offering numerous types of vehicles to the market under its brand. People who purchase the vehicles offered by Hyundai are impressed with their affordable prices and excellent performance. All the vehicles offered to the market under the Hyundai brand come along … Read more

Palantir [company]

Palantir is a software company based in the US and focuses on big data analytics. The organization founded in 2003 came to life after Peter Thiel and co came together. Formed by 5 founders, the public company is led by Alex Karp as the CEO, doubling up as a founder. With about 2499+ staff, the … Read more

Nintendo [company]

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has grown to become one of the most valuable gaming, entertainment, and publishing companies in the world, with over $13 billion in annual revenue. Nintendo’s overall home and hand-held consoles have sold more than 310 million units. The company is also ranked as the “world’s fourth-largest” video game company by “Fortune”. The … Read more

Boston Dynamics [company]

Boston Dynamics is one of the companies that has managed to surprise the world from time to time with its innovation and creativity. The headquarters of the company is in Waltham, Massachusetts, in the United States of America. What is Boston Dynamics? Boston Dynamics is a robotics company. But this is not a traditional robotics … Read more

Zoom [company]

Zoom is one of the most popular videos conferencing tools available as of now. Zoom Video Communications Inc develops it. This can be considered as a leading communications technology company based in the United States. The headquarters of the company is located in California. The company offers online chat services and video-telephony services for people … Read more

Zulip [company]

Zulip is a popular collaborative software and a chat application. This is an open-source solution. Hence, people who wish to streamline their communications with others can think about getting their hands on Zulip. It provides some useful and effective features to the users, making their lives easy while using the app. Zulip was developed by … Read more

Tencent [company]

Tencent Holdings is a multinational conglomerate company that is based in China. This company was established in the year 1998. It specializes in offering various internet-related products and services for the people looking forward to getting hold of them. In addition to that, Tencent Holdings is offering numerous AI-related services as well. The services offered … Read more

WeChat [company]

Mobile payments are quite popular among people who live out there in the world. WeChat is a tool that has been able to take mobile payments and messages to a whole new level. This is asocial media, messaging, and a mobile payment application in China. In fact, it is the most popular app that is … Read more

Tableau [company]

Tableau is one of the most popular reporting tools available out there for interested people to use. In fact, it can be considered as a data visualization software, which comes along with a large number of interactive functionalities. An American based company offers it. The Tableau software was initially discovered back in the year 2003. … Read more

STREEM – company overview

STREEM is an all-inclusive real-time online media intelligence platform. Advancement in technology saw the establishment of Streem in 2013. The main goal is to provide the media teams with access to news as it happens. In the age of the internet and with more than 80% internet penetration, Streem offers a one-stop platform where people … Read more

SHOPIFY [company]

Shopify is an online store offering its clients more than just a trading platform. The e-commerce platform offers its users sales and marketing tools and shipping and allows both parties of a deal to engage effectively in constructive communication. With its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify Inc. is the organization behind Shopify-the e-commerce platform. Listed … Read more

Nokia [company]

Nokia is a multinational IT and telecommunications brand that is originated in Finland. It also offered consumer electronics products to the people in need as well. This is one of the oldest companies that you can discover as of now as well. In fact, the company was founded back in the year 1865. The headquarters … Read more

PayPal [company]

PayPal is a company that offers online payment services. It is based in the United States. However, the services offered by PayPal are available to people from all parts of the world. You will be able to use the online money transfer service offered by PayPal instead of paper currency. It has the most popular … Read more