The Y Combinator was established in 2005 by four individuals. Paul Graham, R. Tappan Morris, Trevor Blackwell, and Jessica Livingston. The seed money startup accelerator has helped thousands of organizations get funds and establish themselves. Some of the popular organizations that give credit to this great organization are Dropbox and Coinbase. By the end of 2019, the Y Combinator has successfully catapulted the formation of multinational organizations whose net worth was close to $160 billion. The limited liability company has helped giant companies become great competitors worldwide. For the 15 years the organization has been around, tens of quality companies have come into existence.

What They Offer

Y Combinator is in the startup accelerator industry. Their main offer is venture capital and investment opportunities. Every year, the organization conducts interviews and settles on two of the most viable perceived ideas. After that, the qualified start-up to get seed money and many other benefits. One important benefit is the provision of influential connections that are key to the start-up’s success. But, this does not come for free. In return, the startup surrenders 7% equity to the Y Combinator. It is a win for both parties. Besides, you get critical advice with fine tips from seasoned corporate experts. That way, you can be sure to hit the success bar your company had set. In a nutshell, the Y Combinator assesses your business idea and supports it in every way possible if it is viable.

Y Combinator gives multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs. Regular group and individual meetings with other business greats help a great deal with decision making and setting up the company in a strategic position to compete. Most of these successful individuals and groups come from the great Silicon Valley, and with them is a great deal of experience and expertise.

A successful business is a combination of many things. Getting this mix together and pulling up a successful entity requires teamwork. Setting up the right operations to undertake daily, monthly, and annually determines the direction your organization takes. Y Combinator has a great mantra driving its decisions, agenda, and will to grow startups. Their drive is making something people want. That means creating sellable products, and you can be sure of purchases. Therefore, the first thing to work on if you want to be considered by this organization is making something people want. That way, Y Combinator, and all its connections will be more than willing to offer the support you need.

They will help you make a great team, market well, and always be on toes as far as spotting opportunities and utilizing them is concerned. Your business model might work now but lose impact in the future. It is important to keep reviewing the model to prevent losing business in the future. The business space is dynamic and changing fast, meaning you have to be alert always. The Y Combinator team will help you with this. When the time to scale comes, the startup accelerator will come to your aid again.

YC Programs

YC is aware of evolution and the need to keep reviewing your processes and programs. It is one of the simplest ways to stay competitive and ahead of the rest. On that note, YC has been coming up with new programs time and again, reviewing the previously existing ones and improving where need be. Especially since 2015, the giant has been initiating great programs to accommodate needier companies.

October 2015 saw YC launch a research program appreciating researchers. Perhaps this came after realizing the critical role researchers play in today’s first evolving world. This was another fellowship program that would see researchers earn full-time employment status and get a reward for their outstanding input in solving today’s regenerating issues.

Previously, another fellowship program had been launched in July. This one was to help companies at their infancy stage. This is a critical stage a company can be in. Most companies do not get past their third years because of the great challenges existing at this stage. With fine support from an established and resourceful organization like YC Combinator, an infant organization can easily crawl to success.

The YC Combinator realized the need to help organizations fighting challenges in the early stage of setting up a business. With this July launched program, organizations would now grow into full maturity and realize their full potential.

Another program launched in 2015 is the continuity fund. This lets YC Combinator invest in organizations they mentored to stability but still less than $300 million in valuation. The continuity fund is all about revaluation and reinvestment, helping the organization with scaling, among other growth options. 2017 to 2019 was another busy and crucial phase in YC Combinator’s history. The organization not only shifted its head office to San Francisco, but it also set up YC China and other fine programs.

Website Experience

The organization’s website is ycombinator.com. The landing page displays a list of the companies YC Combinator has played a role in establishing. Besides, the site contains critical information you would want to know about the company. The website itself is user and mobile-friendly. This gives the visitor an easy time to navigate by scrolling up or down in addition to a memorable experience. The theme is easy to the eye and interactive. The designers and developers of this site deserve credit for their fine work. The content creators, too, for quality work.


With organizations like YC Combinator around, it is easier than ever to establish a business even when your finances are limited. As long as your idea is viable and promising, you can be guaranteed an opportunity to receive funding. YC Combinator has the fortunes of hundreds of organizations since its formation in 2015. The investor analyses startups and gives funding in addition to guidance and mentorship. You also get a chance to meet the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, among other opportunities. Since 2015, more opportunities have been set up to accommodate more organizations as researchers receive more recognition and compensation for their outstanding work.

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