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Making a website is a tedious process that can be made a lot using the best wireframe tools. With the right wireframe software, you can strip visuals from the site and enhance interactivity and user functions. Wireframes so help you explain how your proposed app or webpage will work for clients. Wireframe design software should be under the belt of every web designer and programmer.

There are lots of wireframe software, but you only need one. Finding the right wireframe software is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best Wireframe software packages to narrow down your search and make finding the right tool a lot easier.

Adobe XD

This is a wireframe tool straight from Adobe. Adobe XD has all the features you would expect from a wireframe software, although the program has a minimalist interface compared to other Adobe software with a mesh of tools. This simple interface works for XD as you can get oriented quickly. With Adobe XD, you can easily create the wireframe, mockup, and prototype in the same design file, so you don’t have to integrate multiple tools or re-export dozens of times with each iteration, a burden that is common in other wireframe software. XD can publish prototypes for your program, from a basic wireframe to a fully interactive prototype. Adobe XD is definitely a top tier program for creating wireframes.


Figma is another great wireframe design software that focuses on cloud-based interaction. Figma is quite affordable and still has many features that come in handy whether you’re a standalone designer or part of a bigger team. Using Figma for wireframing is simple and fast. You can easily create your own artboards, add shapes and text, and keep it all organized with the left’s Layers panel. You can use a column overlay for responsive design or the Figma constraints, which tell each element how it should respond when the design is resized to mimic various screen sizes. Figma lets your developers take your CSS code from inside the design file and export individual elements to use as needed.


 is a great wireframing software for beginners. It has a pretty intuitive interface with a toolbar that contains easily identifiable icons covering basic wireframe components (like images and text). UXPin also has an interesting library of UI elements that you can drag and drop directly onto your canvas for a more detailed wireframe that doesn’t take hours to create. UXPin allows you to read Sketch and Photoshop files. With this, you can turn your basic wireframes into high-fidelity prototypes before importing the polished design back into UXPin to take advantage of the tool’s other features. Adding interactions, presenting to the team, and handing off the design to developers has never been easier.

InVision Freehand

InViision lets users create wireframes for team collaboration through sketches on a whiteboard-like canvas. This program has a simple interface and is recommended for group projects. You can create your wireframe, and everyone on the team can contribute and revise on the whiteboard. InVision has a cloud service, so many people, designers, and stakeholders can be signed in and writing simultaneously. This program also gives real-time syncing with Sketch and Photoshop so the team can opt to draw and annotate directly on polished prototypes, making the iteration design stage much easier. 


This is another great tool for beginners who want to sketch up a quick grid-based wireframe without learning more complex tools. This a dynamic program that makes use of a drag and drops system to build wireframes. Balsamiq has a static canvas that lets you adjust how your wireframe will look on different screens with the built-in UI component library’s help. This is a great tool if you aren’t searching for pixel precision but need something a little more professional than pen and paper. really shines when it comes down to user experience testing. A prototype is primarily a wireframe tool that has an extensive range of tools for interactive prototype capabilities. It is a cloud-based program, and as such, it lets multiple designers access and work on a document simultaneously. The user experience testing capabilities of this program are extensive. It lets you gather data on how easily users can interact with your design before sending it to developers for coding. offers a wide range of features to make your user experience testing flawless.


Terrastruct is an awesome wireframe tool with a long list of features designed with software engineers in mind. It lets you divide any diagram into multiple layers so that you can distinguish each layer of abstraction. With this program, you can easily navigate from the big picture to the details. Terrastruct can integrate with Confluence and other useful design software.


Cacoo is another great User-friendly wireframing software that uses real-time collaboration and abundant templates for wireframes and mockups. It has a friendly user interface that helps you visualize your ideas in wireframes, flowcharts, mind maps, and more. It’s a handy tool to help you and your team brainstorm ideas, present and gather feedback, simplify workflows, and enhance effortless collaboration. This program offers you real-time collaborative editing, on-diagram comments, and revision history feature to make working as a group as easy as possible. Cacoo even offers you a well-designed interface and an extensive library of templates and shapes. It also has in-built integration with  Google Drive and Docs, Visio, AWS, Atlassian Confluence, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Box, Slack, and Typetalk. There are also a few APIs to support custom integrations.


This is really powerful and easy to use the app with a noteworthy selection of stencils to create beautiful diagrams and save time. This tool has a slew of tools to make wireframing easier. These tools include; Artboard presentation mode, keyboard shortcuts for import/export, interactive actions, mouseless editing, non-destructive shape combinations, conversion of text into shapes, and diagramming subgraphs. These and more make Omnigraffle a great choice of software for wireframing.

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