Windows 11

After proclaiming that Windows 10 is the last version, finally, we have the latest version of Microsoft windows from Microsoft. Windows 11 is the next generation of windows that is a major change in the software world. For about 6 years, the Windows 10 version remained largely unchanged except for the fact that we got some light updates. The new store, android app support, and many more key features are coming with the latest version. There are also some up-setting features for the users like locking the taskbar to the bottom and stopping users from dropping apps and dragging files on the taskbar.

Release Date of Windows 11

Windows 11 will be released and introduced to the computer world on October 5, 2021. It will be compatible with the newer PCs however the older ones will take some time to pick it up. People with compatible PCs will get it as a free update. There are some key requirements like certain RAM that is 4GB, 64-bit CPU and TPM 2.0, etc. Once you are sure that your PC is fulfilling the requirements for windows 11 then you can download and install it for free of cost. For downloading windows 11 you can get it through windows update or the insider windows program.

What is new in Windows 11?

Design of Windows 11

Windows 11 has a more eye-catching and user-friendly design. There is a start button at the center by which one can find the recent apps, docs, and files. Well, for busy users it is a really good feature. For the start menu upgrade, you can find it separately away from the huge list of applications. The grid system shows the applications to select and gives documents recommendations. However, if you want to check on all the applications there is a designated button for it known as All Apps. The main goal is to speed up the work and make it easy for the users. The new look of apps in windows 11 is fresh, having more round corners and a streamlined taskbar menu. Most of us find it easy to work in dark mode, which is now available in this Windows version. It shows more colors and better transitions for all kinds of users to feel comfortable. 

Widgets in Windows 11

Microsoft Edge and AI provide a whole new selection of widgets in the latest version of windows. You can check out the calendar, news, photos, your to-do list, and many other things at a glance.  You can personalize the whole section and make it look like what you want. 

Windows 11 Desktop

Desktop is the main thing that we check when a computer is turned on. This version of windows allows you to personalize the desktop by providing different wallpapers. You can select it according to your choice like school theme, gaming theme, work desktop, or any other of your choice. 

Windows 11 Docking, Snap Layouts, and Snap Groups

The new docking experience is almost like if you unplug your monitor and move things to another room, the windows on the monitor will be minimized. As soon as you settle down and reconnect to the dock, all the windows reappear on the monitor screen. 

Windows 11 has the snap layout feature. For running multiple apps, you can pick any snap layout and choose to run apps at the same time. You can easily have 3 to 4 apps in the grids or columns. It can reach a maximum of six apps. 

Snap groups are present so you can get back to the things you were doing before replying to any specific message. The snap group feature is present in the taskbar. Overall, we can get that windows 11 is here to make our work more easy and smooth than ever before. 

Windows Store and Android Apps

Before windows 11 it was very difficult to find the apps. While Windows 11 is redesigning the Microsoft store to make it easier to find the apps. However, the thing that is grabbing the attention of users is the availability of android apps in the Microsoft store. This is a really good and amazing thing for all Windows users. All the users can get access to the android apps and can download them through the Amazon app store. We expect that the process will become easier in the coming months. 

Gaming in Windows 11: Direct storage and Auto HDR

Gaming has always been the biggest thing of interest for all Windows users. And of course, it is improving with windows 11. Microsoft is going to reveal more features that are only aimed at a  better gaming experience. The Auto HDR is coming with Windows 11 that will help users to get maximum exposure to color output and contrast. The image quality in Auto HDR will be more clear and brighter. Windows 11 is also adding Direct Storage for the users. All the users who are already using Xbox Series X will enjoy the fast loading of windows. 

Windows 11: Voice support, Pen, and Better Touch

In windows 11, Microsoft is adding the big touch targets that will help in easy resizing and windows movement. It will be much easier to tap the aimed thing. The on-screen keyboard will be customizable and redesigned. It is also bringing us advanced voice recognition for the text input. It will promise automatic punctuation and voice-to-text transcription. 

Requirements for Windows 11

There are certain requirements to meet for windows 11. 

  • Storage should be 64GB.
  • 4GB of RAM is required. 
  • The trusted platform module version is 2.0
  • The graphic card should be compatible with DirectX 12 or later with the WDDM 2.0 driver. 
  • The display should be of High definition 720p that is greater than 9 diagonally, 8 bits per color channel. 
  • The latest Windows version needs internet connectivity and a valid Microsoft account for the complete device setup. 

Windows 11 is certainly the productive reinvention of the windows. It provides all the advanced features and makes it really easy to work. Well, to explore windows 11 install it and enjoy. 

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