Why Apple is better than Samsung?

When it comes to business, we say the client is always right. That is why producers focus much on collecting customer feedback to establish what their clients prefer. That way, they can drive up their sales and make more profits. On that note, think about giant tech companies like Apple and Samsung. They’re both successful for a reason. But, there is a reason why Apple is perceived as better than Samsung. Why is that the case? These are the reasons why.


Apple products are one of the fastest in processing. This makes their overall performance rank better than Samsung. Although Samsung has been working to bridge the gap, it remains an advantage to the Android team.

User-friendly products

iPhones and most Apple products are easy to use. Compared to Samsung, most users prefer iPhones to Samsung devices due to the former’s ease of use. This is made better by the fact that Apple products are faster. With that combination, most users who have interacted with both brands will quickly choose the iPhones over Samsung if given a chance. Although, a few still prefer Samsung.

Brand name

There’s power in a name. Apple is one of the most highly regarded in the world. The Profit making tech giant has stamped its authority in the world of technology and is well respected. Some of their products are highly priced by loyal fans who are willing to pay any price to get them. This is true because of one thing.

The Apple brand is an SI unit of prestige. The name is associated with class and implies the owner of any Apple product is in a league of his own. Great brands charge more on their products to sustain the quality. That means, high as you pay, you still get great value for your money.

Apple Pay

There are many payment gateways in the world at the moment. That said, one may assume it will be easier to make payments thanks to the spread of these payments channels. Well, it is the other way round. These payment gateways restrict their users to certain providers and regions.

Apple Pay is there to change this narrative. Once you have the payment gateway, all you should do is move your phone closer to the checkout point at the retail you’re shopping from. Once that’s done, place your finger on the sensor, and you’re good to go.

The simplicity in using Apple Pay makes it beat competitors like Samsung Pay. Besides, it is easy to learn how to use it. The channel is also accepted in more retails than their competitors.

Carrier Software

You’ve probably seen this on a new Samsung phone, or at least previous versions. You’ll come across bundling software to group apps together. This allows a user to bundle to apps they do not need or often use. While it may be a good idea, it takes up lots of space on your phone. Still, it may not be as effective as it was meant to be. Carrier software will bore you, especially when your device’s storage runs low.

Apple devices never do this to their clients. There is no carrier software to battle with. The devices come with proper applications. Those you only need. In case you do not, there is an option to disable them. This is the case, especially with the latest versions of Apple. Still, the number of apps you’d want to disable is considerably low. Therefore, you do not have to worry about space and having apps you do not need on your device.

Sharing options

Apple allows its users to save. You could share purchases amongst your friends and minimize the impact the total buying price would have had on individuals if you had bought the product separately. There’s an “Ask to buy” prompt option that lets you decide whether to share purchases or not. That also allows you to monitor the purchases made on your Apple device accounts.

Other than sharing purchases, you also share other things like pictures, calendars, and many more. You can also monitor your children’s movements and protect them, especially when you do not want them to notice you’re looking out for them.


I’ve always insisted, availability of support is one of those things that must be looked at when deciding which device to buy. You do not want to get stuck only to find out you cannot be assisted or the help takes ages to materialize. To avoid such occurrences, you ought to buy products with ready support. Here’s another reason why Apple stands out. The support team is ready to help you and will do so quickly. This will save you time and get you out of trouble as fast as possible. Samsung has a fair response rate for their support team but is outdone by the Apple team.

Does Samsung Stand a Chance to Beat Apple?

Well, there’s always a silver lining with every cloud. That is why Samsung still stands a chance of outdoing Apple. Although not easy, it is still doable. Think about the cost of Apple products. They are relatively high. This allows Samsung to gain more clients thanks to its affordability. Still, they’ll have to put in lots of effort. It may be unsustainable to build quality stuff with a low budget. We will tell whether Samsung can bounce back and topple Apple as far as technology is concerned with time.


Apple beats Samsung on many things. Quality is one of them, and that is why most rich and middle-class individuals would rather go for it. Other than quality, the brand itself is a show of prestige. Other factors like availability of support, ease of use, and speed give Apple the throne as a tech giant. That said, it is safe to conclude that Apple will continue to rule over Samsung for quite some time.

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