Whatsapp at it Again! The New Message Disappearing Function

The leading message, audio, image and video sharing platform in the world is about to launch another interesting function. The message disappearing option will go live soon and will allow users’ messages to disappear after a week. This news will be well received by individuals who prefer privacy and are afraid of leaked conversations weeks after exchanging messages. For groups, admins will have the power to enable the disappearing messages option.
One may wonder why the messages disappear within a week. Well, an undisclosed source from Whatsapp insinuated they wanted to give people enough time to keep the messages before they disappeared. To achieve that, seven days were set which should be enough to keep the messages you want to keep. During this time, people who wish to keep some of these chats will have the option to take screenshots before the messages disappear.

The button to enable or disable the disappearing of messages will be available in the Settings section. If you choose to enable the function, all messages you send or receive will disappear after a week. You can change this any time through the same Settings by simply disabling the function. For groups, it is said only the admin will have the power to enable this.
The disappearing option will also clear videos and photos. This gives you freedom to share even private images and motion pictures with confidence all of them will disappear in a week.
The news will be received with mixed reactions with some expected to dislike the new feature. In equal measure, it is expected the function will be warmly welcome. Reports have it that ladies love to keep chats while men prefer clearing conversations. This feature will make it easier for the latter as the messages will automatically disappear within a week.
For those willing to keep the chats, they’d have to take screenshots before the conversations disappear. Well, this may mean filling Galleries with multiple screenshots. You can imagine how many images one may need to capture a whole day’s or week’s conversation.
According to Scroll.in, it was reported that Whatsapp is rolling out the program to facilitate privatization of conversations. When you share personal messages, you do not want them to stay around for the longest time possible. All the time, you will stay worried not aware when the person bearing your private messages will use them against you.
Every other day, Whatsapp upgrades and comes up with additional features to improve the experiences of their users. This has made the platform the most used application for communications today. In the work places, colleagues have Whatsapp groups and this has improved communication in offices leading to improved performance. Even in casual settings, friends use Whatsapp groups to maintain relationships. This new feature will make things even better. People will exchange messages knowing they will disappear after a week. Therefore, they won’t be afraid of any leakages as traces of their private conversations would have disappeared.

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