Top Weather APPs for Android

With the rise of smartphone technology, our phones are gradually becoming alternatives to computers. With tons of computer exclusive technology coming over to Smartphone platforms, it’s no wonder everyone wants one of these devices. One great perk of technology is checking the weather in other places and detecting or predicting what the weather will be in the nearest future. 

While weather prediction requires many satellite reports and massive computer processing power, receiving this processed weather data can be done through our smartphones. From high-level weather data reports to the simple weather forecast, our smartphones are quite capable of giving us this information. Like with all smartphone processes, it’s all about finding the right app. Luckily for you, I made a list of some of the best weather apps for your android device. I hope you can find one that suits your needs!


1Weather is a third-party weather app that has been around for a long time. It finds its place on this list not just because it is older than most, but because it is exceedingly functional. This app lets you view daily and hourly forecasts along with access to additional information. With 1Weather, you can easily put up widgets on your home screen so you can view the weather as soon as you unlock your device. 1 weather has a simple and clean design interface that really suits its functions. 2 weather has world-wide coverage, so you can be sure to get weather reports of the areas around you. This app is widely approved and has top tier reviews on the internet.


Accuweather from the website of the same name is a solid all-around weather app. With this app, you have access to extended forecasts, hourly forecasts, and the like. Accuweather also has weather radar and Android Wear support. With its unique MinuteCast feature, you can get predictions of the weather on a minute-by-minute basis. The design interface isn’t lacking at all, and it sports several useful widgets for your home screen. This app is just another example of what top tier weather apps are now.

Appy Weather

Appy Weather is one of the newer weather apps. It has its own array of useful weather prediction features that are found in top-notch weather apps. This app is unique in its own way because it is highly customizable. Its interface can be tweaked around to suit your needs, and it even has support for hyperlocal weather. Appy uses Dark Sky’s API for now, but that’s okay for a new app. Once the bugs are ironed out in the nearest future, this app stands a chance of being the best android weather app.

Awesome Weather 

This app is another unique weather app due to its vibrant interface. It has some nice features like; it lets you slide your finger across the UI to see the weather at any given point in the day. It’s not the most powerful weather app, but this simplicity is its own reward. The app doesn’t lack any of the basic weather features, and it looks pretty good—all in all, it’s a mighty fine app to have on your phone for weather predictions.

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is a new and fun weather app that gives you forecasts the same way a TV forecast would be (sarcastic quotes and all). It gives you the basic weather features like forecasts, hourly temperatures, and lots more. The app has awesome home screen widgets and can show you up to 70 years of weather history.

Yahoo Weather

From the massive website comes this equally enthralling weather app. Yahoo weather gives you top-notch weather. Reports by combining background images from Flickr for most major cities with forecasts and hyperlocal data from Weather Underground’s nationwide weather stations network. This combination gives you an excellent impression of what the weather will be, and it also lets you view the weather from multiple locations quickly. Yahoo Weather is also one of the most visually captivating android weather apps.


While every weather app has a radar feature, none of them nail it and this particular app. Radarscope is a top of the line radar apo used even by professional meteorologists and storm chasers. It gives you access to high definition radar scans and other useful features. With Radarscope, you can watch funnel clouds, tornadoes, and hail cores, even without Pro subscriptions. 

Weather Live

While some apps just hit you with a slew of weather terms that you might not even be able to decipher, Weather Live makes it a priority to make sure you understand what they’re telling you. It gives you the regular technical jargon and then adds a bit of additional information that allows even a 7-year-old to understand. The app’s interface is readily customizable, and it has its own unique widgets. Weather live the perfect app to get forecasts for the weather conditions around you.

Google Feed

Google Assistant isn’t exclusively a weather app, but it does one heck of a job. It’s on this list because it has a handy feature; voice controls. Simply asking Google for the weather at a certain point in a particular place, you get the weather report for that area instantly. You can even go on with the app to check for additional weather information on the net. Google’s weather forecast is limited due to Assistant not being a primary weather app. It lacks many features found in other weather apps, such as weather widgets or a built-in radar. Google’s weather reports are limited but are excellent for quick checks, quick updates, and severe weather alerts. 


MyRadar is another simple weather app. It shows you a weather radar and packs a full range of features, including the ability to play animations so you can see if the rain is coming or going. It also contains some additional features like a hurricane tracker for storm chasers and additional radar features.

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