VLC media player

What is a VLC media player? 

VLC media player, widely known as VLC, is one of the most popular media players used by people who live out there to enjoy media content. This is a cross-platform, portable, and open-source media player. Those are the main reasons, which have contributed to the overall popularity of the VLC media player. 

Video LAN develops the VLC media player. You can get a VLC media player for a variety of mobile platforms and desktop operating systems. They include iOS, Android, Tizen, Windows 10, Windows 8, and even Ubuntu. 

History of VLC media player

The VLC media player was initially created back in 1996 as an academic project. However, it received massive unexpected success. The abbreviation VLC refers to the Video LAN Client. In fact, this is a part of the Video LAN project. 

The VLC media player was originally developed by a group of students studying at Ecole Centrate Paris. However, it is now being managed by Video LAN, which is a non-profit organization. 

What we can see as of now is version 3.0 of the VLC media player. This version was released back in June 2016. However, it was made available to the public in February 2018. The latest version of the VLC media player comes along with a large number of impressive features. For example, you will be able to enjoy 4K and 8Kvideo playback along with Chromecast output support as well. 

Features of VLC media player

The VLC media player can be considered as a packet-based media player. As a result, it has the ability to play all sorts of video content. Even if the videos are damaged, the VLC media player can partially play those videos. That’s the main reason why you can watch a video partially when it is being downloaded into your computer. 

There is a possibility for people to access. ISO files with the assistance of a VLC media player. In other words, you can directly play the media files that are located on a disk image. It is one of the most interesting features that you can find in this media player, and it can keep you away from the hassle of mounting the image to a disk. 

The main reason behind the VLC media player’s popularity among people is its ability to support many video and audio formats. In fact, all the file formats supported by libavrormat and libavcodec are compatible with the VLC media player.

You can also think about using a VLC media player to play content in high definition recordings. If you can use a Firewire connection coming from the cable box, you will be able to stream media content with a VLC media player. You can find many people using VLC to watch IPTV from their computers or mobile devices. 

There is a possibility for you to use a VLC media player to record what is being displayed on your desktop and save it as a file. You will be able to use this feature to create screencasts with minimum hassle.

When you install the VLC media player on Microsoft operating system, it will support the Direct Media Object framework. 

The VLC media player is a portable media player. Hence, you don’t always have to install it on your computer. You are provided with the freedom to run a VLC media player through a USB flash drive or any other external drive. 

You will be able to extend the functionality of VLC via scripting. In fact, VLC is using the scripting language called Lua. If you want to enhance the overall functionality offered by VLC, you are strongly encouraged to go ahead with it. 

Security of VLC media player

VLC player offers a high-security level to all the people who use it and stream media content. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything. Even though it is an open-source media player, special attention has been paid to enhance the overall security features. Therefore, you can think about getting your hands on VLC without worrying too much about security. It will never lead you toward any negative consequences. 

Performance of VLC media player

VLC is a lightweight media player as well. Hence, it is in a position to play media content with enhanced performance. You don’t need to wait because of any lags when you are playing media content with the VLC media player’s assistance. It will play content immediately, and you can receive a great overall experience. This factor has contributed heavily towards the popularity of VLC media player among people in today’s world. This enhanced performance can be seen in all VLC media players’ versions, regardless of the operating system used. 

Modular design is another great feature that you can find in the VLC media player. In fact, you can call that VLC has got a design similar to many other multimedia frameworks available. Due to the modular framework, you are provided with the freedom to go ahead and introduce plugins or modules for all the new file formats, interfaces, and codes. It can also help you to go ahead with new streaming methods as well. If you take a look at the first version of VLC, you will discover more than 380 different modules as well. Another outstanding feature of the VLC media player is that this media player’s core is creating a graph of modules on its own. This happens dynamically according to the situation. 

If you are looking for an intuitive and user-friendly media player, you can take a look at the VLC media player. It is a great option, which will never disappoint you. 

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