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Video editing, one way of the other will become an important part of your content marketing strategy. As long as you are in the SEO market, you’ll eventually need to add a video to your content. Even outside the money market, you might want to drop a few top tier videos on your social media handles to boost your rep, or any other reason. To have a stellar video, you’ll have to combine, cut and edit different videos into one; to do this you’ll need a standard video editor.

Luckily, there are different ranges of video editing software; from the basic cut and trim software, to the high end special effects software, there’s always a video editing package for everyone. When choosing the right video editing software, there are a few things to consider such as if you’re using a Mac or PC, and your overall comfort and experience level.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020

Renowned world-wide as the best video editing software, Adobe Premiere Elements is at the top of every video editing software list. Premiere Elements is just under a $100 and holds the top spot when it comes to user-friendliness, sophisticated features and ways to output your video. It also includes the Guided great tool for demystifying the entire process for novice filmmakers. Premiere Elements now has additional support for 4K resolutions and stabilized video. 

While it is the most well rounded video editing software out there, Adobe only made some minor improvements over the previous year, so if you have a recent version, you may not see the need to upgrade. Premiere Elements also lacks important features like 360-degree video editing, or support for multicam editing. 

CyberLink PowerDirector 18

CyberLink PowerDirector is a really popular vedio editing tool among Windows users. It’s an easy to use application that offers a dazzling array of fun, advanced video editing features. PowerDirector 18 sports a refreshed interface and the ability to edit and export video in a social-app-friendly 1:1 ratio. This application is targeted at basic consumers, it appeals to the most creative and adventurous of amateur filmmakers.

PowerDirector has different subscription plans ranging from $99 to $130. The higher plans give yu access to certain features and tools like 4K video editing, audio scrubbing, library preview, unlimited access to plugins, backgrounds, and soundclips, as well as 50GB of online storage. 

Adobe Premiere Pro

Like Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro is an outstanding video editing software from one of the biggest names in the industry, which is used by multitudes of creative professionals. Premiere Pro is capable of handling an infinite number of video tracks, which can be imported from pretty much any source you can think of (files, tapes, cameras of all standards… even VR).  The auto sync tool really helps users that have multi-angle shots, and find it hard to fault the fine-tuning tools that really make your video stand out from the crowd. 

Final Cut Pro

Apple’s Final cut pro is the most used video editing software on macOS. It works and performs very well on apple desktops and laptops. Even a lower-end MacBook pro is enough to work on video editing using a final cut pro. So if you are using macOS Final cut pro should be your preferred choice.

HitFilm Express 14

Hitfilm Express offers one of the best video editing services, at least for the price attached to it. You can get the initial package at no cost at all but you can also add on more features at reasonable prices. HitFilm Express is supported on Macs and windows PCs, it also supports discrete Nvidia and AMD GPUs for threaded rendering and decoding. 

The paid version of HitFilm Express gives you a Dark theme, as well as color-editing tools, picture-in-picture support, and more. 

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is the best standard video editing software on Macs (for obvious reasons). It has a large arsenal of features combined with professional trailers and themes, abundant special effects and an easy-to-learn interface. It’s also free so it’s a great start for novices. It has 4K editing and sharing, as well as extended handling to video shot at 1080p and 60 fps. 

Apple iMovie works seamlessly with other apple devices; allowing you to watch the videos you’ve edited on other devices including Apple TV (once they’re connected to the cloud)


Lumen5 is a simple video editing tool that’s perfect for social media marketers who want to create fun, flashy social promos in the blink of an eye. Itself itself as a tool that turns blog posts into social promos. This is actually true because after a little tinkering to get your blog content looking just the way you want it, the rest of the video creation process is a cinch. Lumen5 is also a solid choice if you don’t need high level effects and the like. 

Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is anoter top notch video editing software that ranks close to Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro. It has all the features that you would expect of a tolof this calibre including 360-degree VR and 4k support. One unique bit of this software is that it is the first piece of consumer video editing software to offer motion tracking—a feature that allows you to track specific objects throughout your cut. While this is now a common feature in video editing software, VideoStudio is the first and still the best when it comes to motion tracking systems. 


Filmora is a video editing software equipped with lots of interesting features. It offers a design that is is intuitive and easy to use, and comes replete with filters, overlays, motion elements, transitions, and a small selection of royalty-free music. It has the regular 4k support and has some of the most outstanding titles in video editing; it allows you to superimpose 3D titles over your videos. Filmora has a beginner mode “Easy Mode,” which allows you to create fun, polished edits by merely dragging and dropping clips, choosing a theme, and selecting music.

Pinnacle Studio

Another package from Corel(albeit more expensive), Pinnacle comes readily equipped with all the features expected of an upper-echelon product—motion tracking, 360-degree VR support, 4k support, multi-cam, etc. Pinnacle also boasts one of the fastest rendering speeds on the market. Even with its array of features, Pinnacle’s interface is still as user-friendly and intuitive as anything on this list.

Nero Video

Nero is another cheaper video editing tool that still functions well. Its functional enough for beginners but doesn’t have any really outstanding features. It’s a good place to start from.

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