Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine gives the perfect multiplayer framework to its users. It has been tested on many platforms, and the efficiency was also tested in many games worldwide. The multiplayer framework of Unreal Engine proved to be perfect and efficient. The experience gave the proven viability to the project of all clients.

Pros of Unreal Engine

  • Unreal Engine is best for advanced game development. Any game which is made in this engine looks stunning and gets good value in the market.
  • Any feature that you like to have in the Unreal Engine is available in this. You will not need any external packages like shader making. This is quite easy to use for all the initiators.
  • This game developing engine is best for all the 3d projects. There is an extensive list of multiple layers and users worldwide, which helps users access these features.
  • You can get a long-range of online tutorials and other basic project layouts in this engine.  It enables all the users to play and form the prototypes easily.
  • The UI is perfectly presented in the Unreal Engine. It makes it easy to complete your projects.
  • It is free to use, and when you start to make money, you can still get a handsome percentage.
  • The games which are developed by Unreal Engine is optimized, and it is suitable for all the device types.
  • Unreal Engine has all the perfect varieties of best graphic qualities and visual editors.
  • It is straightforward to understand and has the best blueprints processes. You can get enough documentation and all the scenarios for the development of new games. It is a very productive platform and is expanding all over the world.

Cons of Unreal Engine

  • The Unreal Engine requires more features as compared to other game engines. This is compatible with only the latest computers and old computers are not able to handle it.
  • It takes more space on your computer. So, it is a burden on your CPU.
  • During the packaging, the cookie errors may occur and will give a generic error.
  • It has minimal knowledge of basic usage, and tutorials are not enough. As it somehow complex game engine and beginners feels it difficult to handle errors.
  • It would be best if you had more beats to improve the better visuals.

Other features

There is a long list of other features like

  • Best AI
  • Content browsing
  • Audio Engine
  • Unlimited Extensibility
  • Good Post-Process Effects
  • Material editor
  • Photo-real rendering
  • Friendly market place.

Games list by Unreal Engine

  1. A Way Out
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  3. Dues Ex
  4. Devastation
  5. Exteel
  6. Killing Floor
  7. Pariah
  8. Red Steel
  9. A Hat in Time
  10. Alpha Protocol
  11. Bulletstorm
  12. Deadpool
  13. DUST 514
  14. Get Even
  15. Lollipop Chainsaw
  16. Outlast
  17. Sanctum
  18. SMITE
  19. The Ball
  20. The Last Remnant
  21. Turok
  22. Warp
  23. Unreal Tournament 3
  24. 50 Cent: Blood on the sand
  25. XCOM 2
  26. Zeno Clash II
  27. Wild Blood
  28. Thief
  29. THRED
  30. Stranglehold
  31. Super Monday Night Combat
  32. Takedown Red Sabre
  33. The Age of Heroes
  34. Saw: The video game
  35. Section 8
  36. Shadow Complex
  37. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s daughter and many more are still to mention. 

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