Unbox Therapy is a YouTube channel produced by Lewis George and Jack McCann. The channel focuses on technology and unboxing. At the moment, the duo attracts a massive following with more than 16million followers. In total, the channel has attracted over 3 Billion views, with the numbers headed to 4 Billion. It takes creativity, great content and many other fine qualities to achieve such a feat. Going forward, we await to see how much more numbers the two will accumulate in regards to subscribers and viewers.


Channel Producers and History

George and Jack produces these two channels, although, George Lewis stands out. He was born in 1985 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Growing up in Canada, he went to Toronto School of Art. Perhaps laying his creative arts foundation here. The tech reviewer cum comedian started the channel in 2010.

Four years after the channel’s formation, it hit the 100,000 subscribers’ mark in 2014. It is amazing how the channel got to 1,000,000 subscribers the same year- just a few months after hitting 100,000. To get to 10,000,000 subscribers, it took George and his peer another four years of work. Two years later at 2020, the numbers had risen to 16.6 million. The rising curve showing an increase in demand for the service George provided.

Inspired by his wife and son, George’s passion for Apple and tech products is unmatched. He previously owned a store for Apple repairs. From there, his knowledge grew deep and wide; driving his passion up.

In 2014, George did a video on Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. He bent the phone showing it was possible. this video attracted millions from world over both in views and subscription. The controversial video was one of the most watched that year and ranked five on the list. Daily, it would get millions of views. The interest this video sparked thanks to its controversy coincided with Unbox Therapy’s growth from 100,000 to 1,000,000 subscribers in the same year.

On the online space, you need just one golden opportunity to make a difference. George and his channel proved that. To maintain these figures, you need consistency and quality delivery. George has not only maintained this number; he has driven the figures up almost double fold. A clear indication of effort and creativity. As he continues to do his art well, the audience continues to appreciate him with more views and subscriptions.



In this era, you not only need a strong YouTube channel but also a fine website to back it up. Unbox Therapy has a website in the name of unboxtherapy.com. The site is fine and well developed. It signifies a quality team and represents George’s ideology well.

What about its look and feel? The site looks great and gives the client an easy feel. It is informative and does a good job complementing the YouTube channel. To have such coordination you need a good team and creativity. It is always important to remember clients rush to your website at the first instance to find out who you are and what you are up to.

After subscribing to Unbox Therapy, the next probable action taken by these followers would be visit their website. That is why it is important to optimize a website. It represents your online presence and determines whether you will keep growing or you’re headed for a downfall.

The Unbox Therapy website has a lot of lessons on offer for we designers and developers. Navigation is easy and the site is both user and mobile friendly. With that combination, you get a fine site to advance your ideology.


Net Worth

Sometimes, Lewis George and Unbox Therapy are used interchangeably. The channel name is at times used to refer to the owner and the producer used to refer to the channel. It still makes sense because the channel is as prosperous as the owner. Being a sole proprietorship, the channel’s worth can be referred to as the owner’s worth. So how rich is Unbox Therapy?

Youtube pays monetized channels using a unique model. A lot comes to play when determining the rate of return YouTube will apply on you. That said, it is hard to determine the exact figure Unbox Therapy earns unless Lewis George announces by himself. Though, some sites value him as high as $20 million in worth. Others rate him $6.5million worth. His net worth is unclear but ranges between these figures.

It is estimated Unbox Therapy makes $3.6million annually. The reason is; Youtube pays between $2 and $7 for every 1000 monetized views. Even with the number of views Unbox Therapy gets per video, it’s still not possible to be accurate with the total amount he makes. The reason is Youtube income varies depending on a number of things. Only Lewis George can be as accurate as we wish. Too bad he may not be willing to share the information as it is very sensitive.


Business Model

Making money online is everyone’s dream today. This is so especially after the corona virus hit the world and forced individuals to stay inside thanks to restrictions put up by governments. Before setting up your online business like George Lewis’ it is important to understand the model he uses to make money. After all, it is all about making money. The way you make this money matters. George uses the customer harvesting model. Where he grows his subscribers’ list, then, sponsors use his audience to market and pays him for that.

It is not an easy to implement strategy since you must be influencing to hit the peak. Starting may be a challenge but with consistency and quality delivery you will surely get there. A good looking and feeling website will help you a great deal too.



YouTubing is gaining popularity by day. Those who saw the potential of this venture a long time ago like George Lewis today hugely benefit from the gains. Lewis focuses on tech and makes serious money from that field. As time goes on, George is likely to grow his 16million followers into more millions. Let’s wait and see.

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