Ultimate Technology Trends For Upcoming Years

Here is the ultimate technology trend for upcoming years. Let’s get into it directly.


Here what we are fore-seeing is that companies have already started integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) to automate their businesses so that they can lift their businesses up.

However, what we see is that’s a lot of businesses have started developing their own AI infrastructure, which is really an expensive proposition.

So what’s happening now is that more and more organizations have started using AI as a service. This basically means we can now go to the companies like Google, like Amazon, Like Microsoft, and simply say we would like to apply artificial intelligence to my processors. We’ve got some data that we can use to train algorithms so you can supply us the algorithms and infrastructure, and you simply pay us as a service. And this is going to be a massive trend and is going to get further bigger in upcoming years.

So for us, the first trend is artificial intelligence that is going to have a big impact on businesses. We will get used to working alongside the AIs but in particular, as a service offering will make really a big difference to companies.


The second trend that’s going to make a huge difference to the companies is 5G. This is basically the fifth generation of mobile networks. So this means you’ve probably seen the evolution from 3G to 4G, which has given us faster connectivity on our mobile phones. On 4G, you can now easily watch movies, use the Internet, make a video call. What 5G will do is it will accelerate this further. It will give us speed very similar to what we have in terms of high-speed internet connections into our homes and businesses. It will reduce the latency so everything would be a lot faster, and it would make those connections more reliable. This has huge implications as we can always stay connected, can make conference calls while walking, driving, and traveling, and stay always updated, for example connecting machinery for self-driving cars. All these Internet of things (IoT) smart devices are going to need reliable and fast connectivity to push data forward and backward from the cloud, and this is going to make a massive difference with all of this.

What we are currently seeing is soon going to be rolled out. So we see this in inner cities of major capitals, and we see this in confined areas, but in coming years, we will see a much wider coverage in relatively less price.

So not only will we have better-connected mobiles, but this is going to enable us to become much less reliant on fiber connections into our homes. And we can simply use the 5G network and have amazingly fast and reliable internet connectivity everywhere and will be able to transfer the data anywhere.

And another plus point of having 5G is that its maintenance is very predictive compared to fiber networks. So this is going to be a strong and reliable internet source, and this is going to make us free from other expensive internet resources. So yes, 5G is going to be another massive trend.


The third massive upcoming technology trend is autonomous driving. So basically, we will have driver-less cars which are going to be safer and law-abiding than humans. And this is what everybody is discussing everywhere. Especially auto manufacturers are trying very curiously to adopt this trend. Elon musk, the C.E.O of Tesla motors, has basically said by the end of 2020, he will have his cars (the tesla’s) completely autonomous. And we are very hopeful that by the end of this year, we will be able to see those cars on the road. And these cars will be able to anywhere completely autonomously.

Currently, the companies who are ready to make it happen are facing legal issues around regulations and infrastructure, but if 5G comes along, we won’t be having infrastructure issues anymore. And we will be able to see these self-driving cars everywhere.

Talking about autonomous driving cars here, we don’t mean to have completely self-driving cars as it’s always stepped by step revolution towards self-driving. And we are just on it. For example, we now have cars that feature lane assistance. So the car is going to watch out for you that where it’s going, where its tires are lying etc., the car is now going to switch lanes for you on its own, and these cars are going to hit the break for you when it detects hurdle in its way. So this is just the beginning.

Again it’s not just about cars. We have self-driving ships, self-flying planes, self-flying drones, and delivery robots.


The technology trend that is going to be hit in upcoming years is predictive and precision medicine. And also, the thing that we are currently seeing is the complete transformation of the health care and medical system, where technology has already achieved its miles stone and is still on the way to further development while making really a massive difference. Advancement of the Internet of things (IoT) in devices so smartly in addition to artificial intelligence and some real breakthrough in genomics means that we can now have much more predictive capabilities just think about things like the apple watch, which was mentioned in an article that apple watch could potentially extend someone life by two years. Because it can monitor heart conditions, it can tell you blood pressure, and it’s also capable of monitoring pulse rate. Now it can give you warning in time and can be treated on time without being late.

We will also be having the developments in genomics that helped us to target treatments specifically to you. So in the health care system, the doctors will be able to detect what your genetic makeup is, and then they can find you the best medical treatment that suits your condition as an individual, and we can see a massive advancement in medical technology trends.


Again this has been out on our radar for a number of years, but we are seeing a real acceleration in this at the moment. Where we now have an amazing capability of machines that are able to recognize what’s on a photograph, they can recognize things in video footage, and obviously, we have face recognition capability, which is making a big impact. We now have devices like the latest iPhones that use face ids, so basically, face recognition of face scan to allow you to lock on. In terms of security, we will see massively new advances we’ve seen this recently in companies that operate in China; some taxi operators name diddy, the competitor of uber in china they are using face-recognition technology in the vehicle to recognize drivers and passengers for both security and billing purposes.

So this technology will evolve very fast in upcoming years. And is something every company needs to watch out for.


Basically what we are seeing is of three different types; we see a virtual reality where we completely immerse ourselves into the digital world using headsets or we have augmented reality which overlays things onto the real world using a computer screen or glalsses and we have mixed reality which will be overlaid on digital objects into the real world like a hologram and we are able to interact with this and what we’ve recently seen is that the technology is evolving so fast in this space. Recently Microsoft has just released their latest hololens a mixed reality headset that is probably leading edge. We’re seeing segmented reality being used by the companies to try things out. And we have just recently seen that how companies like Rolex are now using this technology to allow you to use your phone screen to basically try out Rolex watches using augmented reality. That is this whole idea of try before you buy will also having its impact on businesses and will definitely go mainstream in coming years.


And the last upcoming and impactful tech trend is blockchain technology. In the news, we hear a lot about cryptocurrencies for example bitcoin when its values go up and down.

When we talk about blockchain technology. We don’t mean crypto-currencies all the time.

We talk about the business application of the block chain and lots of them are not traditional block chains. They are more we call distributed ledgers so they are not completely distributed but they are run by other companies. So we have the benefits of blockchain technology but not necessarily some of the downsides and what we’ve seen this year is that companies like FedEx and companies like Walmart and MasterCard are heavily investing in blockchain technology and then of course in the upcoming year. We will see the launch of the Facebook libre crypto currency coin again a collaboration with other organizations like Uber and Spotify. That will all be the part of this.

So we’ll see blockchain technology as a major technology trend.

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