Twitter Trespass? Trump’s Account Hacked!

Trump today is one of the most active celebrities on Twitter. Recently, a popular researcher claimed he had access to the President of the United States (POTUS) Twitter account. He went ahead to allege he had guessed the password and successfully done so. Whether this claim is true remains a mystery as Twitter stated the claimant’s allegations were untrue since there was no proof of the same. Well, Twitter’s response was expected as no one would admit their platform let someone else access the world’s most powerful president’s Twitter account.
According to a De Volkskrant report, the researcher had the power to post tweets using Trump’s account after the hack. The newspaper went ahead to claim Victor also accessed Donald Trump’s direct messages. Well, this led to a mystery of events which will amaze you.

Thank you, Victor!

You expect the hacker of a president’s social media accounts to be acted upon with security teams and legal authorities once found. This action is taken since the hack is a risk to the president’s security. You’ll be surprised what happened after the hack was revealed. Apparently, the secret service reached out to Victor and said thank you for letting them know of the risks Trump’s account was under. This is just extraordinary! Hacking is illegal in most jurisdictions. It is even worse when the president of the world’s strongest economy is involved.
Hacking POTUS’ Twitter account will surely put you in trouble, especially if the subject person is Mr. Donald Trump! The fact that no action was taken against Victor continues to raise more questions than answers about this allegation. Twitter, too has strongly refuted these claims and continues to defend themselves, claiming the allegations are untrue.
The Dutch magazine continued to report how Victor made four failed attempts before finally getting the right password on the fifth and last attempt. The magazine even went ahead and shared the password. Apparently, this is not the first time Victor is hacking the president’s password. If it’s true, the said passwords were Trump’s actual pass, and it may be safe to say he is not concerned about his security. The passwords are so simple a layperson would have easily guessed them.
The alleged passwords are so simple and obvious that they give the world more reasons to doubt the claims. I don’t really think anyone would use their campaign slogan to set a personal password. Even if they did, they would twist the password a little bit.
In both instances, where Victor allegedly gained access to trump’s Twitter account, the password pattern is similar. Another report claims Trump never used the two-step verification process until after the hack. Well, only the affected parties know how true these allegations are. Not even time can prove the claims. For us, we will wait to see whether another hack will happen in the future.
This is not the first time allegations of hacking of Trump’s Twitter account come. Perhaps it is also not the last time this is happening. Whenever such claims come up, all the affected parties come out strongly to deny the allegations. Whether the hacks really happen or not, we may never tell.

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