Top YouTube Tech channels

Tech channels are gaining more and more popularity for a long time on youtube. Those channels inform us about new technology gadgets and give their opinion. Here are the top tech channels available on youtube.

Unbox therapy

Unbox therapy is one of the top channels in 2019 with 16 Million subscribers and having 3,388,732,307. And was made by Lewis George Hilsenteger in 2010.

The channel got viral in 2014 when Lewis Hilsenteger uploaded a video in which Hilsenteger used only his hands to bend his iPhone 6 Plus. The video is recognized as launching Apple’s “Bend gate” controversy in which people could bend their phones in their pockets. Which also became the fifth-highest trending video of 2014. In May 2019, Lewis Hilsenteger created a new podcast channel called Lew Later, discussing current events mainly in technology and the internet. The show is hosted by Lewis Hilsenteger and co-hosted by Will Du, a content creator at Unbox Therapy.

Technical Guruji

Technical guruji channel was made by Gaurav Chuhadary on Oct 18, 2015. And if we talk about numbers, it’s on the second number among the top YouTube channels with 15Million subscribers and 1,571,435,202 views. And over 2772 videos have been posted since the channel is made.

On this channel, Gaurav chuhadary primarily reviews Mobile phones and other tech gadgets in Hindi.

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee started his YouTube career and joined YouTube on March 21, 2008.  He first started uploading technology videos in January 2009, while still in high school, about new products or reviews of products he already owned.

He says his first videos were screencasting, where he would post an image and talk over it, then responded to requests from viewers of what they would like to watch. His first several hundred videos were primarily hardware tutorials and freeware. He was later approached by companies to demonstrate their paid software and hardware but only reviews products that would be of interest to his audience of technology enthusiasts. He is noted for responding to viewers’ feedback about what questions they have and features they want to be explained, as well as demonstrating a “deep knowledge of the products he discusses, and his understanding of what his audience wants to learn”. His reviews are often timely, coming out the same day or soon after for anticipated products. He is arguably best known today for his content about smartphones. As of December 2019, his channel has gained over 10.2 million subscribers, making MKBHD one of the most subscribed “tech-based” YouTube channels. On average, Brownlee uploads two to three videos per week.

He is having total views of over 1,679,546,303 views.

Linus Tech Tips

Linus tech tips are among the most-watched tech channel on YouTube. Linus tech tips are also among the top tech channels of YouTube and were made by Linus Gabriel Sebastian, who founded Linus’ media group. And he is from Canada-.

He joined YouTube on Nov 24, 2008, with a total viewership of about 3,231,124,528 views and 9.94Million Subscribers.

Linus tech reviews focus on different product reviews, step-by-step computer build guides, and various tech-focused projects.


Justine Ezarik started a YouTube channel named iJustine in 2007 and started her proper vlogging career in 2008. She used to film her daily life and routine and kept posting that on YouTube. With time, she started developing her mindset towards technology. She started talking about technology on different platforms and later own; she started producing her tech reviews and tech talk on technology on her channel.

And now his channel is also counted among the top tech channels on YouTube. Right now, she is having 6.27 Million total YouTube subscribers and over 1,130,502,812 views in total.

Austin Evans

Austin Evans was a gamer who later on became a Tech You Tuber. Austin Evans started his YouTube channel on August 4, 2007. And nowadays he reviews the tech products whether it is mobile or computer or PC. He examines them from the aspect of gaming. He also makes guideline videos for making gaming PCs at own. And the information he provides is like a goldmine for the people who are into gaming.

Austin Evans has a 4Million total YouTube subscribers and over 810,899,233 views in total.

Android Authority

Android Authority is also a very prominent YouTube channel out there on YouTube. Android Authority was made on April 3, 2011. Since then, they are associated with android products and software. Android Authority reviews every news related to the technology on this channel, especially android, whether it’s about new upcoming updates or devices or software. They cover it all. Also, they review products related to tech on this channel.

Android Authority has an overall view of about 735,912,785 in total and 3.35 million subscribers.


TecMundo is also very prominent among tech channels on YouTube. And their website name Techworld is also the most extensive website in their particular niche in Brazil. They make videos reviews of mobile phones etc. And videos are entirely in Brazilian.

And if we look at their numbers. They have 644,294,604 views overall in numbers. And 3.5 million subscribers.


Techsmartt is a tech + entertainment, tech critique, and tech review channel. This channel was started by Keaton Keller on December 28, 2010. In starting days of this channel, Keaton Keller uses to vlog his tech shopping that he was very fond of. And later on, he started reviewing it. And now techsmartt is among the most tech-viewed channels on YouTube.

Right now, they are having 3.67 million subscribers and about 620,491,792 views in total.


GizmoSlip channel was created by Brandon Baldwin on Nov 12, 2011. They are also a tech channel. But they do it a little bit differently from the rest of the YouTubers and their media.

Here at this channel, they make durability test review videos and analyses mainly of Mobile phones. And they perform different kinds of tests like drop tests, bend tests, water tests, etc.

Now talking about the numbers, they have 3.35 Million subscribers and 540,263,043 views in total, and they are growing very fast.

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