Top Twitch Game Streamers

Gamers have taken social media now a day, every third person on social media is streaming the games. They upload their commentary on games or live stream the games. All they try is to create a loyal fan building. Many game streamers have reached an insane level of popularity throughout the years and have millions of followers. They are not only getting fame but making money as well.

Well, in the case of game streaming platforms, YouTube and Twitch have made the solid place. People spend hours watching live streaming and eating up content. Twitch is getting prominence day by day, and there are more than 15 million daily viewers with 140 million unique monthly visitors. In this article, I will talk about the top 10 Twitch game streamers so far.

List of top 10 Game streamers


Ninja is a professional gamer with 14.6 M followers. He mostly lives to stream his performance in Frontier game from Twitch. According to Twitch estimate, he is the most watch game streamer on this platform. He recently hit the #1 position in followers and #3 in video view. But, he has recently changed his platform and moved to Mixer. So, technically he is no more on Twitch. He was known for his professional streaming with many sponsorships of many brands like Red bull. He has collaborated with many other brands like NZXT and ad promotions on his profile.


Tfue has taken the no one position after the departure of Ninja. He has taken the place of shroud, which was in second place. But, Tfue knows well how to take advantage of Ninja’s departure. Well, he holds the second position with 6.9 Million followers. He is also famous for playing the Frontier game. He is the number one most watch frontier streamer so far. He spends mostly 70 hours of his time per week on Twitch. He also has many brand promotions and sponsorships on his profile.


He is one of the most famous frontier players with a total of 6.7 Million followers. He is also renowned for his fantastic performance on the live streaming of Call of Duty. He loves to play almost every popular game like Realm Royale, Lord of Rings, and Fallout. He is gaining prominence and popularity among the game streamers. He has about 348 million channels views so far. He lives streamers whenever he is playing the games and approximately spends about 50 hours per week.

TSM Myth

He is the 4th highest follower Frontier game streaming performance who has 5.4 Million followers. This twitch game streamer has collaborated with many brands like HTC, Geico, and Logitech. He has features for all these brands on his profile. He was initially a Paragon twitch streamer. He has left behind any top-level streamers to make his way. He is currently a member of Team Solo Mid (TSM), which an eSports organization handles. He is attracting followers by entertaining strategies and hilarious commentaries.

Riot Games

This is an excellent game streamer with over 1 billion channel views and has 4 million followers on this platform. Riot games hold first place for channel views. He is famous for the live streaming of league of Legends. And this League is the most-watched League on twitch. One most interesting thing about this game, which is the second most watch game overall. He is one of the most active streamers and comes online for about 22 hours per week. He has the sponsorship of many brands and promotes this on his profile.


He is a very popular twitch streamer who is followed by over 4 million people. He plays multiple games and live streams his performance. But he is famous for his excellent performance in the game named Frontier. Is one of the top Twitch streamers for the Frontier game. He has collaborated with many favorite brands like Monster Energy, cyber power Pc e, Audio-Technica, and Razer. He is a certified partner and attracts thousands of viewers daily.


He is a well-known personality on Twitch with a total of 3.7 Million followers. He is the respectful name in the gaming world, and his fans are primarily from the frontier game. He initially started with Call of Duty, and when he noticed he is gaining enough attention, he moved to other games. He gave the world’s best performance in Black Ops 4, Call of Duty, and Frontier. He is ranked on 4th number for the most viewed channels. He does the promotions of many famous brands like Razer, G FUEL, and Turtle Beach.


The active streamer on Twitch holds 2.6 Million followers. DrLupo approximately spends about 70 hours per week. He is famous for his mind-blowing performance in the games Call of Duty and Frontier. He promotes many well-known brands, and you see this on his profile. Overall, he has the sponsorship of brands like NZXT, Kings Coast and ROGUE, etc.


Tom Cassell is famous as Tom Syndicate is a popular game streamer. He is also well known as a vlogger. He has 2.64 Million followers on twitch. He mainly streams Call of duty: Black Ops 4 and also hosts the podcast. He is also hosting many talk shows currently. Syndicate is one of the oldest channels on this platform and has been attracting followers since 2011. He is famous for promoting his clothing brand promotions that are SYNDICATE ORIGINALS.


He is famous for having 2.44 Million followers and holds the third most-watched League of Legends channel on this platform. He is the only one who streams personal performances and predicts the upcoming news and game trends. He has the sponsorship of Noble Chairs and improving his profile.

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