Top Tech Startups In India

The tech industry in India is booming at a rapid pace. There is a massive human potential in the country and people have now started looking for innovative methods to come up with solutions to the problems that are faced by society. On the other hand, tech startups located in India are receiving excellent support from the government as well. Hence, they have found it as an easy task to get up from the ground and take things to the next level with ease. 

Here is a list of 10 of the best tech startups that you can discover in India as of now.

OYO Hotels and Homes 

OYO Hotels and Chain is the best hospitality chain that you can find in India. It was created by a 19-year old tech entrepreneur six years ago. Since then, the popularity of the company grew. As of now, this is one of the well-established startups that you can discover within the country. The total value of this startup as of now is over $10 billion. One of the most impressive facts about this startup is that it is engaged in the process of empowering other entrepreneurs. In fact, the staff members who work for the company are called as OYOpreneurs. They are provided with the freedom to have their own projects. This initiative will provide excellent assistance for the startup to retain its popularity for a longer period of time as well.

Cure Fit 

Cure Fit is a startup that was initiated in the wellness industry. They are offering a variety of products and services that are related to nutrition and fitness. In addition to that, products related to healthcare and therapy are offered by Cure Fit as well. Company has still been functioning for just three years, but they have been able to secure a massive success within a short period of time. The unique corporate culture of this startup contributed a lot towards its popularity.

Top Chief

Top Chief is an internet company in India, currently spending its third year. It could secure a spot in the list of top 10 tech startups in the country. That’s because they could come up with a tech platform, which connects users along with experts and receive professional advice. It can provide a superior assistance to the people with securing career growth and mentorship as well. 


Razorpay is a startup that focuses on offering payments and business process related services available in India. The company has now grown up to a team of around 500 members. As of now, the company is offering many different products as well. While working on these projects, Razorpay is providing a large number of benefits for the employees who are working for the company as well. Staff outings and games nights hold a prominent place out of them.


Bounce is an electric scooter related tech startup company based in India. It started business operations in the year 2014 and has expanded significantly within the previous years. In fact, it was able to become one of the fastest growing startups in the country as well. As of now, Bounce is providing a large number of new and exciting job opportunities. In fact, the company is growing at a rapid pace and we will be able to see it providing more than 5,500 new job opportunities within the next few months. 


Playment is a data labeling platform, which was created five years ago. This startup is backed up by the investors of Google Launchpad and Y Combinator. Hence, it was able to secure a solid growth during the initial days. Playment is currently working on some innovative projects. They include autonomous drones, autonomous vehicles and mapping as well.


Rivigo is a company that has been able to secure its position in the list of best tech startup companies in India for the past couple of years. The company is providing a unique driver relay model. It has the ability to provide an excellent assistance to the brands that exist in the country. Maruti Suzuki and Marks & Spencer are some of the top brands, which have obtained the services offered by Rivigo as of now. The company believes in the power of radical truth and it has got a long journey to go in the future. 


Acko is a three-year old startup that you can find in India. This startup is revolutionizing the insurance industry that exists in the country. In fact, it is engaged in the process of offering personalized insurance policies to the people. The behaviors of people are taken into consideration at the time of providing them with the policies. This unique concept has been able to receive lots of attention in the recent past. On the other hand, the startup had a really good time because major companies such as Amazon backed up Acko.

M Fine

M Fine is an app that is working with a mission to take the healthcare industry of India to the next level. In fact, M Fine is an artificial intelligence-based healthcare app. It is providing people with access to medical advises instantly. This company has been able to secure an excellent success within the past two years. The company has got a dynamic and a youthful workplace as well. It is contributing a lot towards the overall success of the startup in the long run.

Interview Bit 

Interview Bit is a platform that has been designed and developed to streamline interviews. The unique concept behind this startup also contributed a lot towards its success. The interview platform is ideal for hiring people who are working in the tech industry. It also provides business support to the candidates who are looking forward to secure a job. We will be able to see them offering many advanced and innovative features to the platform in the near future as well. 

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