Top SoundCloud Alternatives to Discover Indie Music

SoundCloud is one of the most prominent music streaming platforms that you can find out there in the world. It is also possible for you to discover lots of songs being uploaded to SoundCloud. They include Indie music as well. If you are a fan of Indie music, you will love to go through the different songs uploaded to SoundCloud and get the most out of them. It can provide a perfect experience for you by listening to music. 

However, SoundCloud is not the only platform available for you to deliver such an experience. You will be able to discover numerous alternatives to SoundCloud as well. Here is a list of some of the most prominent SoundCloud alternatives available for you to discover Indie music with ease.

Sound Click

Sound Click is heaven for the musicians as well as fans. That’s because you will be able to discover lots of outstanding tracks available on this website. If you are interested in exploring underground music, it will be the right option to take a look at.

Noise Trade

Noise Trade is an American-based sound streaming service. You will be able to discover a decent interface on this website. Therefore, you will find it easy to use it and discover Indian music that you are interested in listening to. Noise Trade provides the opportunity for the artists to go ahead and upload their entire music albums or individual songs. You will find a decent number of tracks that belong to Indie music within this platform, which was launched back in the year 2008.


Jamendo is one of the oldest music streaming platforms. This music streaming platform was developed back in the year 2005. Since then, it has maintained a strong reputation by catering to the needs of people who are interested in listening to the best quality sounds at all times. You will be able to use Jamendo and download music, including Indie tracks, to your mobile. Even if you have Indie tracks, you can upload them to this platform and share them with the community.


Orifum is one of the up-and-coming music streaming platforms that you can find. It has provided the opportunity for the artists to upload their tracks directly. On the other hand, the artists will be able to promote music and sell them on Orifum. You will even be able to monetize music with the support that you get from copyrights.

Mix Cloud 

Mix Cloud is the most prominent alternative to SoundCloud available out there in the world. This platform is focusing more on the DJs, podcasters, and hosts of the talk shows. If you are one of them, you can upload your work to Mix Cloud and gain more attention from them. On the other hand, Mix Cloud is quite popular among people who are listening to Indie music. The website has developed a strong connection with Indie music fans who come from all parts of the world.

Hear This 

Hear This is a popular SoundCloud alternative, which delivers a range of innovative features. One of the most innovative features that you can find in this app is called “Maps”. When you click on that feature, you will be provided with the opportunity to listen to music from your own local neighborhood. That is something you will fall in love with. Musicians are provided with the freedom to manage their profiles and upload tracks on Hear This as well.

Yung Cloud 

Yung Cloud is another streaming platform, which was developed as an alternative to SoundCloud. You will be able to discover a large volume of tracks on this platform as well. You will also see how this platform is linked with numerous other free download websites out there in the world. One of the best things about Yung Cloud is that a decent number of Indie artists have gathered around it. Hence, you will be provided with the opportunity to expose yourself to work shared by them.

Audio Mack 

Audio Mack can also provide an innovative experience to the people looking for websites similar to Audio Track. You can find a large number of engaging features along with this platform. For example, you will like, share, repost and add tracks into the playlists with ease. Hence, people who use this website to stream music will be provided with the opportunity to retain an excellent Indie music playlist with ease.

Reverb Nation

Reverb Nation has been there for quite some time. You can also find how lots of people are using it as a great alternative to SoundCloud. The number of local Indie brands that have signed up with Reverb Nation is quite impressive. Therefore, you will be able to use Reverb Nation and get yourself exposed to the work shared by them. You can also find how Reverb Nation acts as an excellent platform to connect budding artists and local fans.

Band Camp 

Band Camp has been working as one of the biggest competitors of SoundCloud for quite some time. You will be able to discover an impressive roster on this platform. Indie music artists dominate the roster. Therefore, you will find it easy to get yourself exposed to Indie music while using this platform. Another great thing about Band Camp is that the website is offered completely for free, and you can stick to it to enjoy Indian music without spending any money out of your pocket.

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