Top News apps for Android

The internet has changed the way of viewing news. We cannot take our television or newspaper everywhere with us. It may be challenging for us to carry these sources of information with us. We also have to pay a lot of these products. In this modern era of technology, news apps on our mobile have solved your problem. We remain updated the whole day with the help of these apps. There are a lot of such apps which deliver the news and helps you to find the information you want. 

Google News

Google News app is a fantastic news app. It delivers story recommendations to you based on how you use this news app. You can get both local and global news by using this app. You can get updates of incidents as they happen and access to full coverage on stories. This app also pulls its stories from a vast range of sources. In short, it provides news that you care about. Also, it gives you full information about every report that you want.

Microsoft News

The Microsoft news app is full of content for the best Android phones. The app is a surprisingly decent news aggregator for Android. It offers a smooth experience. With this app, you can choose the app in which you have an interest, and then you can enjoy the most important stories from trusted sources. This app offers you a range of curated news selection and a personalized, topical news feed.  Also, users can optimize the layout, select a dark theme, and save stories for offline reading. Microsoft News gets stories from a wide variety of sources, from traditional news outfits and newspapers.


The SmartNews app is here with all the trending stories. They are presenting unique stories and news by categorizing them. They do so for your easiness so all the readers can read any information they want. Many news apps are slow and take time for refreshing. But, this app aims to give news within seconds. They have an app with the easy to browse interface and a clutter-free version.


Twitter news app is the best social media app for news. It is one of a few platforms that still show posts in chronological order. It is the only app that shows what is happening right now. The main feature is that this app has hashtags, trending topics, and some other trending features. You can follow the sources you like the most. Twitter has become “the place” to learn about everything that is going on in the world. In this app, with live updates, you’ll never miss a beat because it is arguably the best news app for you.

BBC News

The BBC News app is the best-unbiased app for getting hot and sensational news from around the world. No doubt, it works efficiently on the Android platform. You can get the latest reports from any country with just one tap. There are different news feed layouts, and one can also enjoy live streaming. This live streaming is connected to the news channel and now available on this news app. It is one of the apps which allows control over shared data. Other apps usually do not ask for the permission of users for personal data. While in this app, they ask for it, and if you do not like simple off the sharing status.


Flipboard news app is one of the most popular news apps. With this app, you can create a custom feed with your favorite news sources. This app includes fun animation, large images, etc. It is a default news app for Android. You have to pick some topics of your interest to get yourself started, and this fantastic app will do the rest for you. Also, Flipboard includes “See fewer new stories like this” and “Mute Site” to see a lot of stories from this news app. This app analyzes the news you often visit and gives you an offer to view similar stories. It creates the ability to create and customize smart magazines.  It also includes a UI that gives it the appearance of a digital magazine.

The New York Times

Everyone knows the New York Times is the most popular source of news in the world. This app has everything to meet your expectations of the report. You can get everything from this app. Anyone can enjoy offline reading, social media alerts, and breaking news alerts from this app. Apart from these usual features, this app contains many other unique features. There are a lot of options, including videos and photos. You can meet the world merely by sitting in your bed.


Feedly news app lands among the best news apps. You can feed your favorite feeds to this app. The app is built on RSS reader style. Also, you can easily access your meal on your mobile with their website. Feedly comes to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and others.  Feedly news app has evolved and refined its service and app. It is the superfast app for updating the news content. If you want to check the specific news from any country, search for it, or paste the link. You will find it within seconds and subscribe to it.


Reddit app is the best option for all the people interested in the mixture of entertainment and exciting news from the corners of the world. This app is a mixture of message boards, social media, and news aggregators. So, you can get an idea of how much information one can get from this app. You can get the options to subscribe to the specific news and other content. This app is popular among people due to the most active community and the best options for a chat. It presents the best information from all over the world.

CNN News

Once CNN News channel was the very first cable news channel that was very popular among people. Now, they have also launched the official app functions by condensing the official site of CNN News. However, this app mainly focuses on U.S audiences. There are plenty of news articles, and you will also find some original content of CNN News that will not be available on any other site. Apart from this, it is the app that gives you news suggestions.

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