We live in a modern world where anything can be done with the use of apps. As a Mac user, you definitely want to know which apps you can use to better your life. In this article, I have prepared a list of top mac apps that will make your life better and simpler. I’ll explain how and why you can use them as well as where you can get them. Be as attentive as possible as you go through my list. Trust me; this is the best list you can find online.


This is a familiar app if you are a music lover. VLC is the most popular and loved audio and/or video player. With a trademark icon similar to that you see on a road construction site, the app plays videos and audios with fine clarity and great frequency. To successfully download VLC for Mac, you need at least the Mac OS X 10.7.5. The previous version may not allow you to get the app downloaded to your device.

It is important to note that VLC no longer supports core solo/duo processors. That said, you would want to quickly get the app to your phone immediately and start a better music/movie journey. To download the app for your Mac, click the following link: The app is effective, and you’ll surely love it. It has no limit to the format of audio and video files it supports.


This is all about entertainment. I love listening to the latest music, jams every time. I know you too do. If that is the case, Spotify is the right app for you. You get an opportunity to listen to the latest music, stress-free. The app is also favored since it can work on your pc, mobile phone, or even on your Television. This makes it accessible irrespective of your gadget.

Another plus about Spotify is the interruption-free entertainment. There are no ads to bother you when having fun. Think about YouTube, for instance. By the time you finish listening to a hit song, you’d have had to cancel multiple ads. That interruption spoils the fun. Spotify is free from such, and that’s why it offers a better alternative.

The problem with live streaming or listening to real-time music is when you run out of connectivity. At that point, your access to the music is cut. Spotify lets you download the music of your choice. This means, even when you lack connectivity, you can still listen to music offline. The sound is also of good quality. Click this link for more:

GIPHY Capture

In a world of digital marketing, you know the importance of GIFs. They are an important part of making a stamping online presence. To make exquisite GIFs, you can use the GIPHY Capture app for macs.

You can make GIFs out of anything. That is true, yes, but you also need to act fast. There are thousands online hunting for memorable, funny, or sad moments to make GIFs. That is why you need an app that lets you make a GIF quick. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind, or a moment will leave you because you were slow to execute the capture.

With GIPHY Capture, you have the right tool to make fine GIFs. With these short, witty moments, you have an opportunity to light up the internet and grow your following. These followers may and will gradually convert to sales. This makes a lot of business sense, especially if you rely on digital marketing as a growth strategy. Click the following link to find out more:


Work can get boring at times. To kill the boredom, you need to motivate yourself and keep reenergizing. One way to do that successfully can be through working as you watch your favorite video. But how possible is that? Well, the Helium app allows you to watch as you work. The floating app doesn’t allow your tasks fall to the background as you switch them. The media keeps playing as you keep working with both tabs appearing simultaneously on the screen, thus the floating feature. This can be motivating and helpful in boosting productivity, especially on the days you lack motivation.

Click the link below to find out more and get the app:


Teamwork and effective communication are critical to the success of an organization. That’s why you need an application that lets you communicate effectively, even as you keep working. Slack for Mac is that app! It allows for proper communication irrespective of the situation.

Work happens on the desk while other tasks force others to go to the field. Even when this is happening, there’s a need for coordination and proper engagement. Slack allows employers and their employers to stay in touch.

Now, depending on the intended results, Slack has different packages. There’s a free package for starters and increased premiums for advanced users. Higher premiums come with better and more perks. This means better results as you get access to advanced features. The following is a link to this fine app that would make your life simpler, especially at the workplace:

The Slack app has a desktop alternative. That makes it accessible via your mobile or desktop. As such, any team member can use it, whether they are moving or seated in front of a computer.



The five apps on my list are not the only ones you can use to make your life simple. Still, they are one of the most used and those you need. From entertainment to work, I’ve given you a mix perfect for you if you want to use your Mac to live a balanced life. The apps are affordable to subscribe to after downloading, while others are absolutely free. This means one thing – you get value for your money. They are also user friendly besides being plug and play. 

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