Top Logo Maker Apps For Android

A logo is the base and core of every business. No matter what the scale of business, every startup needs an eye-catching logo. It is the symbol that shows your services and makes you distinguish among other businesses. Not every small business owner has the big finance to get a perfect logo from the experts. But, the logo maker apps can help them to get a one that depicts their business with very low investment. 

If you have the creative skills and can make your own business logo, then you are in the right place. I am going to tell you about the top 10 logo maker apps for android. By using these apps, you will be able to make the logo of your choice. The logo design not only depicts your services but also helps you to attract customers. It can help you to enhance your sales. So, I am going to make it easy for you to get a perfect logo. All you need to do is to download the logo maker app of your choice and there you go. 

These apps will help you to get the logo within minutes and you come to know about your result instantly. However, by working with the logo designers you have to wait till the deadline. 


Canva is the king of logo maker’s apps. It has a big share in this logo market with a bunch of specific features. You can avail of the opportunity of general graphic designs to the most special features. Apart from this, you can also add the elements of your needs, photos, and texts. So, at a one-stop app, you can have a lot of choices. But, this is somehow an expensive app and not our choice for the businesses that have limited budgets. Well, this is the perfect app overall. 

Logo Maker Plus

It is the best kind of logo maker app that is constantly getting popular. It is useful to make the logo designs on the go. If you are not sure about the design, you can have them ready to use templates. So, it becomes very easy to get the logo of your choice. This app continues to add the trending templates and users can avail them according to the trends. It is a friendly app for all the age groups, all you need to do is to give input characters. Then by pushing the create button, you make a beautiful logo. 

Logo Maker by Shopify

It is the super easy and of course free logo maker app by Shopify. When you think of the price you make take it useless. But, it works well for this price tag. This app allows you to add the icons, colors and shapes to your logo. You must have sure about your demand, category, and other elements. Then, this app gives you an easy answer. 

Logo Maker

It is the best logo design app for the Android users that was developed by the Laughing Bird Software. It is the most useful and easy app for creating your logo in no time. If you want to get your logo design on the spot, I will recommend you to use this app. It has quite a wide and unique range of logo templates. All you need to do is to add the business name and other elements. You can modify and spin the template according to your taste. 

Font Rush

It is specially designed for the social media platform and works well to that extent. If you are also interested to make a logo for your social media platforms like YouTube channel or an Instagram account, you are on the right road. It allows users to boast over 200 fonts on your logo. Apart from this, you have the independence to boast the 250 words on the background images. It is quite an easy and simple process. Import your logo image and add text of your choice. Continue to change the fonts until you find the perfect one. 

Adobe Apps

It is the most powerful app for making logos. There are different options like Adobe Capture, Adobe Comp, Adobe illustrator, and many others. However, people use different tools according to their needs. By using these apps, you can make the logos of a wide range. You are allowed to do the artwork and then convert them to the logos. 

Z Mobile Logo Maker

It is also the best and quick solution for an eye-enchanting logo. It makes you start from the base that is the blank canvas. Then, continue to add colors and elements of your choice to get something that you like. This app has a stock of over 100 plus background images, textures, filters, fonts, and 3D rotations.

Logo factory Logo Maker App

It is another popular logo making app in the market. It is rated the best app for all the people who are looking for a DIY logo. If you want to have a versatile logo for your business, you should go for this app. The enchanting features of this app make the professional logo within no time. It will be helpful for all the people who do not have enough sense about the designs of the logo. 

Iris Logo Maker

Iris app is famous for making decent logo designs. It has all the elements, backgrounds, shapes, and textures similar to the other logo maker apps. You can simply select the combination of elements according to your need. Then, leave the rest on this app. There are almost 25 different categories of different stickers that can be utilized in logo making procedure. 

Ibis Paint X

It is basically a drawing app that also helps you to avail the features for logo designs. It has a wide range of brushes, filters, texture. Fonts, screen tones, backgrounds, and many more elements. So, it is the best app for making simple or complex logos. After all these elements, the rest depends on you. It is the app that allows you to make 100% original logo design. 

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