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We are living in an innovative world. We love taking pictures of our smartphones. Therefore, we also need some gallery apps to save a lot of beautiful photos on our smartphones. But the gallery app provided in our Android phones does not give us satisfying results. So, all of us need some best gallery apps for our Android phones. To solve your problem, I have brought an amazing list of the best Android gallery apps for you. The following are the best 10 gallery apps for your Android phone.

A+ Gallery

The app is a simple gallery app on the first launch. By using this app, you can do usual things like managing your photos, create photo albums, etc. You can also share your photos by using this app. The app allows you to manage your gallery with ease. This app is one of the most highly-rated apps.

 The excellent feature of this app is that it has support for Dropbox, Amazon cloud, and Facebook.  You can view all these photos as well. The app allows you to search your photos by date and location. In short, it has a great search engine just like Google Photos. About this app, you can say that it is a complete app in itself.

Google Photos

Google Photos app is the most intelligent and advanced gallery app. It helps us to get unlimited storage for videos and pictures. The app has a larger consuming drive. Google Photos has a lot of other essential features. Such as shared albums, automatic creations, etc.

The app is a cloud storage app that helps you to upload as many photos as you want. You can also choose the automatic backup of all your photos and videos in high quality. It can be said that it is the most favorite gallery app of a large number of people just because of its excellent features.

Memoria Photo Gallery

The app is one of the newer gallery apps on this list. With this help, you can easily access to themes, finger authentication, etc. You can also hide albums that you don’t want to show to others. The app offers a level of customization, smooth performance, and a few security features.

 It gives a hidden vault in case you want to protect your personal images and videos. Due to its features, it looks like Dashboard on Instagram. The app is an amazing app that has both form and functions. You will absolutely love it because of its unique design and UI experience.


Piktures is a simple gallery app for Android phones. It doesn’t mean that it has no features. The app works superbly on larger screens. This feature makes it decent for larger phones. The app can efficiently organize your gallery. It has a built-in photo editor.

Piktures app includes a cool calendar view and location view. This feature helps to show the photos taken at various locations. The most wonderful feature is that it offers a Secure Drive that is protected by a PIN. On this drive, you can save your pictures and videos that you don’t want to show to people.

Simple Gallery Pro

The app is one of the simplest gallery apps. The Simple gallery pro app supports approximately 32 languages. It offers a security feature with a fingerprint lock for your privacy. After Google Photos, Simple Gallery App is the best option. The app helps you to organize your albums, and protect and hide photos.

With this app, you can also recover deleted files. This amazing app also has great tools like crop, rotate, filters, resize, and more. All in all, it’s a great app. It is a neat looking app with all famous features packed into one.

Gallery Vault

The name of this app is exactly the same as its features. The app creates a private vault for photos. It helps you to keep your photos away from prying eyes. You can also hide other files that this app supports. It also offers you to hide icons.

No one can access these icons and you get alerts if someone breaks in. It also has a fingerprint lock to protect your files from others. If you want some privacy, you can try this app to secure your files, icons, photos, and apps. All its functions are based on its name.

Focus Go

It is a new gallery app. The app is a lighter version of the Focus gallery. The app is a lightweight gallery app. It provides you with all features you need. It seemed the best-designed app for Android phones. The app comes with a card-like interface.

The app offers photos in chronological order. Even it can load up a lot of things instantly. It has some customized options too. The Focus Go app is perfect for older devices with little free space. The app lets you view your images in order these photos reach your device and zoom in on them.

F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop gallery app is one of the oldest gallery apps. The app has decent features for all its users. It offers you to search your photos based on your metadata. You can also add tags to your photos for easier organization. The app is rich in optimized features. It has wonderful material design.

It comes with a quick search feature for folders, saves tags, and bookmarks. It has countless features to impress its users. This app provides you only the necessary details of all your photos. It will prove a nice option for you if you download this app.


1Gallery is the newest gallery app for Android phones. Its features are in between a standard gallery app and a vault gallery app. This app works wonderfully like any standard gallery app. By using this app, you can view your photos by date and in grid form. The app also lets you hide all your photos, and videos behind a pin, pattern, or fingerprint lock. It is cheap, decent, and easy to use.


It is one of the unique gallery apps. The app lets you save your photos via location. With this app, you can use a map to view all your photos. The app is one of the cleanest GPS-based gallery apps. For example, if you want to see the pictures you took on a beach, this app will help you a lot to do so. The app has a lot of quick features.


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