Gaming can be as addictive as it gets. Online gaming is fine until your connectivity lets you down. Online, you get access to some of the most competitive and experienced players. That makes it more fun and fulfilling to play. Still, offline games have their own benefits. Below are some of the best offline games you can come across.

Asphalt Nitro

I have played this several times. It never gets boring. You can download the app from the Play Store, although some phones come with the game already installed. That’s an added advantage. The game is easy to play and very competitive. I can count the number of times I emerged victoriously. Even as I got better with time, I ended up second, third, or even fourth countless times, meaning it never gets boring.

I love the competition. That’s why I get boring, playing games. I win all the time. The Asphalt Nitro never lets me win easily. The adrenaline pricking Android offline game is one of the best I’ve played in 2020. You will not only love this game but also love it. The features are great and the interface one you will like.

Noblemen: 1896

Please take me back is the theme of the game. You’re taken back to the 18th-century war zone. As the starring of this game, you lead an army to fight another troop. With arms of the 18th century, you engage your enemies in a battlefield full of vegetation.

The fun is in planning attacks, leading your troops, and engaging your enemies. As a fighter seeking to save his life, your adrenaline will be engaged until victory. It gets intense sometimes, but there’s joy in winning. Victory comes with additional powers, and that gives you an added advantage over upcoming troops. This is another game you’ll love.

DEAD RAIN 2: Tree Virus

This is about survival. You have to fight to save your life. Not only will you fight external enemies but also internal battles. There’s a virus that grows inside you, and you have to fight for your life. Even as you fight hard to stay alive, external wars keep coming, and you have to fight those two. The moment you lower your guard is the moment you may lose your life and lose the game.

We all want to win, and that is why you have to fight to the end. Different levels come with varying challenges. This means different skills will be tested. The greatest test is in keeping yourself alive in all these battles. The game is quite challenging while still entertaining. With your mobile phone, you stand a better chance of winning. Get the game, play, and you will thank me later. You can be sure to have a moment of your life playing the game. It also influences how you view life and may change for the better how you handle life challenges, including fighting internal wars while fighting from the outside.

Blazing Sniper

This is another fine offline game for Android users in 2020. The game is a thriller, and you will enjoy it without any worry of ad disruptions. As a sniper, your work will be shooting at your targets. What will you be shooting against? Well, your role is to protect your people from attacks. Enemies will be out to destroy them, and your responsibility will be to keep your people safe from these enemies. There will also be risks of virus attacks. It is your responsibility to shield your people from these viruses.

Booking – Billiards City

The first time I played this game, I didn’t realize how addictive it could get. With time, I got better at the pool and more competitive. With every level you win, you move onto a more competitive upper level. You have to clear the balls with your white ball to make it through to the next level. Remember, you have a limited number of moves to utilize. The good thing is you get extra moves when you play well.

For instance, if you hit two balls into the hole at once, you get an extra move. There are more features to maximize to get free moves. The game gets better with higher levels. When you get the balls inside the holes with every hit you make, you get a golden crown. The more crowns you get, the better your score. You’ll love this game.

In the beginning, it is simple to get through. As you advance the levels, the pool table gets more complicated. That poses more challenges making the game more interesting. You’ll never get bored with this game. The fact that it’s available offline makes it better for you. The only thing you should not do is get connectivity on. That will mean ads coming up, and you won’t like it.


This is a great mental offline game to enjoy in 2020 for Android users. The beginner, easy, middle, and hard levels are simple to tackle, although it becomes more technical as you move to the harder levels. The expert, candidate master, and master level are also doable. Still, to go past these levels, you’ll have to make several attempts. The grandmaster is the hardest and most stubborn. You’ll spend months there, if not weeks. The good thing is you’ll never get tired of losing and making more attempts.

Even as you play these games, you need to interchange to get rid of boredom. Checkers is a fine alternative to racing games and action battles.



Gamers know the ingredients of a proper game. One of them is a proper challenge, and the other is objectivity. A game with a proper plot is more interesting than one without. It’s even more fun when the game allows you to play offline. Android is growing in popularity every other day, and that is why you need compatible games. That way, you have something great to do during your free time.   

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