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Music is a part of our daily lives. Everyone has a selection of tunes that they listen to when they work, jog, or do other activities that don’t require total concentration. With our modern phones, we can get thousands of songs at our fingertips when we want them. Using streaming services like Spotify, anyone with an android phone can keep a huge playlist of songs.

Unfortunately, most of these streaming services function when you’re online, and once you don’t have a fast internet connection or don’t have a connection at all, your music either stutters or flat-out stops playing. This is a great inconvenience as most people might want to play music, especially when they don’t connect. Luckily, if you put those streaming services on hold, there are several ways to get your music files offline and on the go.

Using any of the apps in this list, you can access a wide range of songs from the internet to play later or transfer to other electronic media. And unlike streaming services, the songs gotten with these apps can be played even when your phone is completely disconnected from the net. I hope you can find an app that suits your needs here.

Jamendo Music

With Jamendo Music, you get access to over 500,000 musical tracks, and more importantly, you can download said tracks for nothing at all. Jamendo is beneficial and easy to use as it contains no ads. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is! This app already has a following of over 3 thousand members. It will be worthwhile to join in on the fun.

Radio Player by Audials

Radio Player is another awesome music download app that lets you download tons of music tracks from it. Unlike Jamendo however, Radio player gets every single one of its songs from the radio. This isn’t to say that it’s a supply pool. It is limited as this app boasts tens of thousands of radio stations from dozens of countries; you can begin playing these almost as soon as you can find them, and with a couple of taps through its simple menu, you can soon start recording.


SoundCloud is a great app for downloading music on your android device. With SoundCloud, you get access to big hits and independent or smaller artists who upload their tracks there for anyone to playback for free, with many tracks also available for download. SoundCloud has millions of songs and covers every music genre you could imagine 


Songily is a free app that lets you play or download every song in their database. While it doesn’t have as many sounds as other providers, it is absolutely free and is a great choice if you’re getting into music and don’t really have deep preferences. Songily also has a simplistic and beautiful interface that will keep you coming back.


RockMyRun is another great app that allows you to download music for offline playback. It also has a great feature that gives you DJ remixes for different occasions like workouts and parties. This app is finetuned to aid. Your workout sessions as you can synch your BPM to your heart rate, filter the playlist length to match your workout, or make use of the beat feature to change the tunes to suit your current state automatically. 

Google Play Music: best for Android fanboys

This list wouldn’t be complete without adding Google’s own music download application. Google play music gives you access to all the top-notch songs you may want to listen to, although at a certain price. Luckily Google play music also offers a wide variety of songs in its database for absolutely nothing.

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager actually a download manager, but it’s included here because it allows you to download up to three files simultaneously, including MP3s and MP4s. ADM also has several customizable settings that will make your downloads faster(using more bandwidth) or slower (using less bandwidth to allow other apps to function). Along with lightning-quick downloads, ADM has an in-built browser that makes finding tracks as easy as can be.


Almost every music track you need can be found on YouTube. Unfortunately, youtube is a video streaming site, and so you can’t get audio files directly from them. With YMusic, however, you can download and listen to any all songs on youtube. Downloading videos as the audio file is beneficial because you can use this to get the audio of your favorite remixes from movies.

GTunes Music Downloader

GTunes is an older music download app, but it is still fully functional. With this app, you can search through several big downloadable music domains for your queries; you’ll find millions of artists and songs across generations. Once you find the track you’re looking for, downloading is no big deal with this app.


Audiomack gives you access to many old songs and lets you stay abreast with emerging talent in the Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Reggae arenas. Audiomack has a huge library of songs and gives upcoming artists a chance to distribute their content without big distribution services. With this app, you can get all the latest booming music.

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