Today, the online world provides great opportunities. One of the green chances to make money is through video production. Time ago, people would rely on graduate video editors, directors, and producers to make great videos. Today, everyone has the chance to make and edit their own videos. But, to make a good video, you need a proper video editing app. Which is the most reliable video editing app today? Let’s see the top 10 Android apps for video editing you can trust today.


According to, this is one of the most liked video editors available in the market today. The Android editor is easy to use as well as efficient. What makes it easy to use? Well, like a video editing pro, you expect a video editor to have some basic editing features. Some of the features FilmoraGo have included the following:

  • The crop function
  • Rotate
  • Adjust
  • Trim, etc.

With the above functions, you can do most of the basic editing. The ease of use makes things even better. It is a guarantee you’ll spend lesser time doing your video editing. If you’re doing this commercially, then this translates to fewer costs. At the end of the period, your business will have an increased net income.

Another great reason why this editor is a good option is the ability to preview your edits as soon as you do them. This makes it simple to point out areas you need to improve and work on them instantly. Various templates, the ability to import attachments, and pro editing tools are also good reasons you should go for this editor.

PowerDirector Video Editor App

A unique and user-friendly interface makes the PowerDirector Video Editor App one to prioritize. For a newbie, it may be a challenge mastering the controls. Worry not. With time, you will master. All you need to have is learning and patience to practice until you master using these controls. The product of a PowerDirector edited movie is one to love. That is why this another fine option.


Video production is one of the most profitable practices today. With that in mind, you ought to find an editor that will make your work easier. One of such videos is the Quik editor. Different editors come with varying tools with different levels of complexity. Like it is easy to create a document using templates, Quik makes it possible to create videos automatically.


This is mostly for professional video editors. The features make it easy to come up with movies easy to the eyes with a formal approach. I love watching action videos in slow motion. It has a unique appeal and gives an impressive movie. VivaVideo has special functions to let you make videos in slow motion.

Movie Maker

Just like the names suggests, this is one of the most popular video editors around. But why is it popular? Most of us love free things. This video will cost you nothing to create a video. This makes it pocket friendly and allows you to save costs.

At the moment, Instagram is one of the most active video platforms. Most high-end brands use the platform to reach out to rich clients. Instagram, as a platform, limits the types of videos you can use. Squared videos will work effectively, while other types may not be as effective.

Movie Maker lets you make Instagram-friendly videos, thus reaching out to some of the richest clients you can ever reach out to.

Adobe Premiere Clip

This is another popular video editor. It is one of the easiest to use Android apps for a video editor. Its compatibility with Android devices allows you to edit your videos from a variety of devices. What are some of the features you can use from this video editor? They include filters, sound effects, music options, trim, cut, and transition addition.

Another advantage of using this app is the lack of ads. Advertisements can be frustrating sometimes. This app is free and protects you from involuntary ads that may slow you down while you are trying to move with speed.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

As a freelancer, you probably have a few people or no one to learn from. This should not stop you from becoming a video editing pro. There’s so much you can use with this editor to create a masterpiece of a video.

Videos become spicier with music. Only a few editors let you have the free will to add music to your videos. The Magisto Video Editor & Maker is one of the few editors you will certainly enjoy your production.


The fact that this is an award-winning editor says it all about its quality. The editor is simple to use and has familiar features you’ve probably used before. The video size you use may determine a website’s user and mobile-friendliness. Huge sizes will definitely slow down a site’s responsiveness, and that is why you do not want to use heavy files. The VideoShow editor lets you compress a video to the right size for publishing.


The controls and features of a video editor determine the effectiveness of a movie maker. This editor has great features and a user-friendly interface for you. There is a rare drag and drop feature as well as the ability to import files. There are more features you’ll love using.


This editor may be last on my list but remains one of the finest editors around. It is simple to use and very effective. Try using it, and you’ll thank me later.



Video editing is a profitable and luxurious practice today. The nature of the editor you use will determine how well and appealing your end product will be. I have highlighted some of the top 10 Android apps for video editing you may love using today.  

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