Top 10 Notes Apps for Android

Smartphones have become an important thing for the business as well as common needs. We all are used to carry our smartphones everywhere with us. Note-taking is probably the most essential thing that is available on our smartphones. We take simple notes or some apps provide different features. So, notes apps can be a digital notebook. In this article, I will tell you about the top 10 notes apps for Android that are available on Google Play Store.

Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes is the most popular app for all users who love to take notes. When we come to the features, it provides a very colorful and highly functional interface with material designing inspiration. After taking the notes, they become available in the shape of cards and you can check them by scrolling. Then you can select the required notes. This app is linked with Google Drive so, there is the chance of online checking whenever you need it. Apart from this, you can enjoy voice notes, share with other people, and set reminder options.

Omni Notes

Omni face is the other popular app that has the material inspired interface. One of the most important features is the vertical card layout. It helps to keep the notes easier to track and scroll. It allows you to search, merge, and sort the notes for the discovery. Above these options, there is a Dash Clock support, a sketch note mode, and widgets. The sketch mode notes allow you to draw and doodle the things. No doubt, it is one of the best apps that provide so many options in this budget.


It is the best app that also makes it fun to take notes. It provides an authentic experience. You can get the grid background view where you can use drawing or stylus support. It shows that one can draw things, write notes, or type them according to your ease. Apart from it, you can add voice notes, audios, and videos to these notes. So, it is totally perfect for doodle notes, sketches, and others.


It is one of the productivity apps from the Microsoft Office family.  This app is very essential if you want to get information from embeds excel tables and emails. This is the multi-platform app that is linked with the cloud. It allows you to get information or notes on your smartphones, even if you wrote them on your laptop. OneNote can work on windows, IOS, Mac, and Androids. It is one of the flexible apps that allows you to draw, handwrite, and manage other things. One can create to-do lists, labels, and tags to categorize the daily tasks.

Material Notes

It is the flexible app that allows you to set reminders, make a to-do list, and make notes. This app allows the better organization in the form of a card interface with a solid face. So, it is very easy to use and get information. If you want to keep any notes in the urgency mode, you can label them with start tags. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to find certain notes from the bulk lists. For this purpose, you can use the search option of the app. Well, this app is very good in terms of security. You can create a four-digit pin for your notes.


It is the newest app in the note-taking apps market. But, it has the same material design, interface, and tag features for the organization of notes. However, this app mainly focuses on security. That’s why it uses AES-26enryption. If you are a pro user, you can enable fingerprint to unlock and encrypt the data when you need it. If you want to have more options, go for the premium version.

Simple note

It is a simple notepad app for all Android phones. It is one of the best apps that provides almost every essential feature for notes-taking at a place. It is the quickest option for all the people who want to get every note with just one click and love to use the easy apps. When you open the app, you can create the lists and notes of agendas. You can also organize different notes with pins and tags. When you save a note it is automatically saved in your cloud so, you can access it from any device.


It is a powerful app that has high productivity. It is the best organization app that allows you to take the handwritten and typed notes. You can do a collaboration on content with others, make a to-do list, scan documents, and many more with this app. You can use a variety of media like videos, photos, audios, sketches, web lips, and PDFs. This app is also integrated with the cloud and you can get access to notes from anywhere. Suppose you are making notes on your phones and due to something you have to use the laptop. Now you can continue the note-making on your laptop.

Keep My Notes

Keep My Notes is the perfect note-taking app that has a lot of useful features. It provides multiple formatting options. One can take notes by using a stylus or finger. However, if you do not feel easy, you can also go for speech to text option. You can enjoy other features like italicizing the text, bold it, or make it underline among all the content. It is also good for privacy concerns so that you can create a password to lock your notes. You can set the urgent notes as sticky ones and share them with others. The most appealing feature is the availability of two themes the dark one and the light one.


It is one of the best apps that is excellent for academics and students. It was one of the earlier apps that supported stylus support. It also provides the video recording of the lectures. So, you can note them quickly. There are almost all the tools that are needed by any college student. It is the best notes app for taking detailed notes and very helpful to take every point.  

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