The Tesla Model S Experience! A magical way to spin around!

Driving is one of the amazing experiences to ever been invented by man. Boys will start with toys and graduate to the fastest and sleekest cars they can afford. This is because driving gives you a special feeling you don’t want to miss out on. The Tesla Model S gives that experience every driving addict wants. The features of this motor vehicle are out of this world.

Self-Driving Capability

The ability of this car to self-drive is lovable. Since the idea came up, more and more believers of artificial intelligence have come up to commend the development team and embrace the idea. The car can navigate on autopilot and this allows it to move with minimal supervision. Besides, the machine switches lanes with limited human intervention. The ability to sense what’s in the surroundings and switch lanes accordingly is great!

The car can also be summoned as well as auto-park. Sometimes you’re probably running out of time and have to wait for parking space to fill and end up wasting more time in the process. The auto-park feature will come to your aid and help you with the situation. The ability to summon your car is also one to one to convince you to put your money on this car.

Other Superior features

There are more superior features the users of these cars get treated to. The option to customize your Tesla Model S makes things even better. Check out this link: You could have your car painted pearl white, solid black, midnight silver metallic, deep blue metallic, or red multi-coat. All these colors are there for you to choose to suit your taste. There are also wheel options to choose from. The 19’ tempest wheels and the 21’ arachnid wheels are the options you have to choose from. The two come with different rim look and fix.

You can also customize the interior to meet your feel. You could choose all black, black and white, or cream. When the exterior and interior are well done, you can drive around with confidence and feel satisfied experiencing value for money.

The costs are affordable as well as value for money. Once you have set your design preferences, you can place your order and expect delivery of the car within no time. The delivery time changes depending on the features you want and your location. The further you are from the manufacturing site the longer it may take. Nevertheless, you can be sure to get your car on time. The waiting will be worth it as you will enjoy the ride. Besides, the car is customized to your taste. That means driving that which you participated in designing. At one point you will feel as having made the car yourself. It’ll be a nice Tesla Model S experience.

Upcoming Features

Tesla is not done yet. The developing team is never lacking in ideas. The Tesla Model S has a traffic light and stops sign control feature. This is one of the special features giving this car the ability to auto-drive with minimal supervision even on busy streets. Well, the new features dubbed auto steer on city streets will allow the car more autonomy to auto-steer. According to Tesla, the current model is an automatic car but with a lot of human supervision. Part of this is because of laws in some jurisdictions as well as pilot studies on whether and how to make the cars more autonomous.

As the year unfolds, the leading carmaker will try to make the car more autonomous and reduce human supervision. How this will be received and treated by lovers of this brand will be determined by time. Some jurisdictions are still not ready for such advancements with the security and safety of other motorists the major concern.

As these areas open up to such great opportunities and allow the advancements to happen, Tesla will make the updates through over-the-air software updates. Let’s give them time and see how it goes. The Tesla Model S is only one of the several models on sale. You can get others and design as you wish. In the end, you will get the latest release and as fast as possible.


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