The Zuckerberg post that ignited the Facebook eruption 

Every time Mark Zuckerberg – the owner of Facebook – makes a post on the platform, fans erupt with comments and replies. They react explosively, and this post made today, 14 April 2021 was no exception. Mark posted:

Quest v28 software update is landing soon with Air Link (stream games from your PC wirelessly), 120 Hz, app subscriptions, and Infinite Office update. Lots of progress towards building the metaverse.

10 hours later, the post had attracted over 100k comments, 22k comments, and 2.2 shares. All this came as followers reacted to the post with reviews of the previous versions. One follower, Maria Une Nwachi was quick to congratulate Mark and his team for the good work they’ve been doing. Others went off-topic and raised their complaints about the state of Facebook and the recent restrictions.

One fan responded:

Before landing this progress, care to ease up on blockings and restrictions, you are making FB a living hell by your algorithms!

land some mercy first.”

This rather explains the reactions Mark receives on his platform. This is the exact treatment others get on Facebook. Perhaps it is one of the reasons the restrictions are on a high. You can now delete comments, block others and report them. When reported severally, Facebook will take action on the individual by withdrawing some privileges from the individual, e.g. Commenting or sharing posts.

The V28 Update

Unlike most of the followers of Mark on Facebook who went off-topic in their responses, Nested tech would like to stay focused on the topic – pun intended. The V28 updates seek to improve gamers’ experience. According to, the Air link will allow you to stream games wirelessly on your PC. The update will also include 120 Hz support and endless office updates. The updates mean your desk gets a virtual reality (VR) experience. One of the ways this will happen according to is to give you the ability to see a Logitech K830 keyboard that is Bluetooth enabled and linked to your room location.

The Zuckerberg post comes a day after Facebook made the launch on a blog post of their own. The blog post made on 13 April 2021, click, you will have to activate the Air Link to proceed. The blog shares ways to do this and how this launch will treat gamers to a better gaming experience.

The blog post further states that not all PC setups will be ideal. This means there will be limitations and therefore you have to ensure yours is ideal. That may be the situation now, but Facebook has reassured its audience that it is working on the compatibility of the latest release on most of the other incompatible PC setups. It would be a great milestone when every PC set up gets access to this amazing invention.

As more VR experiences come, we will be excited to embrace the technology and feel the virtual reality. As Facebook and others continue to lead the way, we are left to enjoy their inventions and get motivated to make more advanced ones.

Meanwhile, we will keep reading what Mark’s followers post as replies to his posts. As Mark and his teams entertain us with VR, their fans keep entertaining us with witty and punny comments.


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