The Long-Awaited Falcon 9 and SXM-8 Launch

We’re counting minutes before the launch of the Falcon 9 and SXM-8. The launch has been hyped for quite some time now and the moment is finally here. According to a tweet by SpaceX a few hours ago, the rockets are set vertical already. Check This shows how close we are to witnessing another remarkable event. Elon Musk retweeted the post just to remind his fans to be ready for the memorable event.

The post attracted different reactions from his fans. Some were quick to air out their views about how Falcon 9 pollutes the environment. Others acknowledged the tremendous work done by Mr. Musk and his team. The launch comes days after Elon Musk had responded to a tweet stating that science fiction should not be fiction forever. And true to his post, he and his team are working day and night to make fiction a reality.

The Crypto Shift

Recently, Elon Musk has been heavily linked with cryptocurrency. The most recent being Dogecoin. He is so powerful that the price of Dogecoin and its popularity significantly grew just minutes after he gave them a mention. The coin was trending for a while after that happened. This is proof of how influential Mr. Musk is. As he and his team continue to make fiction reality, Musk has done well to support the adoption of crypto. How he does this effortlessly remains to be many people’s admiration. His ability to balance between crypto campaigns and his SpaceX outfit is something else.

Back to the launch, SpaceX announced the two rockets will be launched for two missions, and that is the crew 1 and 2 missions. The mass was also urged to respond and sure they did. While some talked about crypto, in response to the announcement, others reminded Musk and his team about Mars and human inhabitation there.


So far, SpaceX has achieved a lot. According to, they’ve now had a total of 119 launches. Just one launch is hard enough. To hit 119 is a major milestone. In addition, the team has had about 79 landings. This is what others call success. And to cap it up, the team has successfully done 61 reflown rockets. As this launch is done, these numbers continue to grow and the team behind the job continues to achieve.

Just so you know, Falcon 9 can carry people off earth and back. This is a mission Elon Musk has talked about for a long time. The Falcon is reusable and is believed to be very safe. Traveling to orbit and off the earth is a risky affair. A lot has to be considered and that is why you do not use just any travel vessel. According to reports, this is the first orbital and reusable rocket of its own. That explains why this launch is been highly waited.

When undertaking such expensive adventures, sustainability is key. You have to manage costs as putting together a machine as huge and volatile as the Falcon 9 is not an easy and cheap course. That is why this one is reusable. This means some important parts of the vessel can be reused and resent back to orbit. That is important in cost-cutting and control. The result is a sustainable launch and process.

The Falcon 9 Features

One would want to know how the Falcon 9 looks like. What are some of its interesting features? Falcon 9 is 70 m in height and 3.7 m in diameter. The vessels weigh a staggering 549,054 kg. the vessel will be transferring payloads to LEO, GTO, and Mars. The loads to these destinations will be approximately 23,000, 8,300, and 4,020 Kgs respectively. The load seems too much but this vessel has been designed to manage.

You’d also be surprised to learn that the Falcon 9 produces 1.7 million pounds of thrust. This is just enough to propel the heavy vessel to its destination and on time. Falcon 9 has nine engines to be used at stage one but this will reduce to one at the second stage. This is proof enough that there’s so much to look up to. We await to see how successful the launch will be.


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