The Journey of Paytm

What is Paytm?

Paytm is the private, E-commerce company that was founded in 2010 about 10 years ago by Vijay Shekhar Sharma. It is an Indian payment company that has various digital payment methods for the easiness of people. This company was developed by the common man from Delhi and enables the users to transfer the cash to wallets through the online banking system, credit cards, debit cards and many more.

This company is available in a total of 11 languages and also provides many online payment facilities like movies, travel, utility bill payment, mall payment and many more. They also offer Paytm QR in case of toll, educational, parking and restaurants payment. This company is prevailing all over India, according to an estimate over 7 million merchants use Paytm to transfer money into their bank accounts.


The Success Story of Paytm:

Startup Year:

Paytm was founded about 9 years ago in 2010 with the initial investment of $2 million by the common man from Delhi names Vijay Shekhar Sharma.



The start-up of the company was as a prepaid mobile and DTH platform which was upgraded in 2013 with the postpaid mobile, landline bills and data card, etc.



In 2014, the company introduced new Paytm Wallet and then Uber and Indian Railway make it possible as a payment option for them. It also made deals with online bus tickets and many more.



In 2015 it added more features like gas, water, electricity bills, metro charges, and free education.



In 2016 Paytm upgraded and added more appealing features like flight tickets, Paytm QR, and many more other facilities. On November 2016, Paytm was challenged by PayPal by using the similar logo or trademark.



In 2017, Paytm became the Indian first payment app to get over 100 million app downloads and it launched Paytm Gold.



In 2018, Paytm allowed merchants to accept payments by Paytm. And the business started to grow. Then, it took the most important step of the Gamepind launching. They set up Paytm money with a total investment of 9 crore Indian rupees.



In 2019, Paytm made the deal with Citibank for the launching of credit cards. The current revenue of Paytm is about $520 million. You can check the business stared with only 2 million dollars and their consistency took it to the $520 million.


Products and Services of Paytm:-

Paytm is the popular payment company of India that has the following products:-



It is providing a variety of services and more noticeable are the following: –

  • Mobile Payment
  • Online Shopping
  • Payment system
  • Digital Wallets.
  • Hotel Booking
  • Flight Ticket Booking
  • Buying gift cards
  • Movies Ticket Booking


How to use Paytm?

Paytm works by two different methods:- 

  1. Paytm Wallet 
  2. Paytm Payment Bank. 


In fact, Paytm is the online digital payment system by which you can pay your all bills without spending the liquid cash. This helps you a lot in almost every payment problem you can check the service provided by it. But, you need to have some money in your wallet. For this purpose, you have to transfer money from your bank account to Paytm wallet. You can create Paytm account and use it. For making the account you need to follow the following steps: –


  • First of all, you need to visit You can also download the Paytm App from the Play store. Install and open the Paytm App.


  • If you are a new user, then Register yourself otherwise Log in simply. 


  • For Registration, you need to provide your email address. When you are registered successfully you can log in to Paytm app. 


  • If you are interested to use Paytm features, add some Paytm Wallet money. For this purpose, you can add money by 


  1. Net banking
  2. ATM
  3. Credit card
  4. Debit Card 
  5. IMPS. 


Here you go and you can use your Paytm features for further command. 


Business Strategy of Paytm:

The business model of Paytm is Marketplace-cum-payment-bank, which deals in recharge and bill payments. This system allows its users with the e-wallets for other bookings and shopping. There are the following categories of this model: – 


Paytm Mall: Today about 120 million buyers are on Paytm Mall and daily 2 million transactions happen. It is the most popular marketplace for all sellers. 


Recharge Services: Paytm is providing online recharge services like data card, metro card, and TV subscriptions, etc. 


Bill Payments: It is also helping in the payment of all household bills. 


Payment solutions: There are different payment options for every kind of transaction. The company takes a commission of 1.99% for every transaction. 


Paytm wallet: This the most interesting feature which provides about 50 % to 100 % cashback on every transaction. 


Paytm Gold: Paytm has fair deals with Gold refineries and enables its users to get pure gold without additional price. They also deliver the gold to your home with the minimum delivery charges. 

Paytm Bank: This company has increased its business by launching its own Paytm bank. You can manage your Paytm bank by your smartphone and it enables its users to deposit cash. It offers about 4% p.a. interest on the saving account. 



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