The Galaxy- A -Series – Samsung’s secret weapon

Samsung continues to stamp its authority as a leading tech provider with its A-series releases. The models have appealing memory, a high-resolution camera, water resistance, and a long-lasting battery. For instance, the Galaxy A52 series in black has a dual sim slot and 128 GB memory. The O-infinity Display device also has an eye comfort shield.


Samsung continues to release their A series as they execute changes prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, Samsung announced to reduce their staff at the call center. This was in a move to position itself competitively in the world tech market. The announcement came as they introduced new contacts that their clients can use if they need assistance.

You can have a live chat, or make technical inquiries through [email protected]. This shows Samsung’s awareness and ability to adjust according to its clients’ needs. The support establishments are essential even as Samsung continues to produce its series every other day.

The team will also be operating between 8 am and 8 pm on weekdays, and half a day, on Saturdays. This will allow them to manufacture the best quality and serve their clients better. Samsung’s loyalists have well received the changes, and that explains why their products continue to sell.

With every other A series release, you realize massive improvements in the features. This justifies the changes they’ve made as far as operations are concerned. Going forward, we are likely to see more changes. The good thing is, Samsung continues to wow us with their amazing products, and the A series is a perfect example of the team’s innovation greatness.

Some of the great A series include the A52, A31, A21s, A11, and A72. In terms of build, the series resembles. The build quality is also top-notch, and that is why you should expect the product to last long. The Galaxy A showroom, has all the amazing A series deals you need to seal now.

The Stand Out features

Galaxy has unleashed a set of amazing features in their latest releases. For instance, the 1.8GHz and 2.3GHz CPU speed is an amazing one. It guarantees you speed when undertaking tasks. The last thing you want to deal with is a prolonged device. The extra fast speed of the A-series will amaze you. You can move from app to app with ease as well as access sites online without challenges. The phone’s amazing features allow for great mobile responsiveness to websites.

The Octa-Core CPU type is also a powerful score for the Galaxy A series. When put to work, the eight-processor cores can deliver outstanding results in terms of speed and fluidity. This also allows for easy multitasking when all the cores are put to gear. The octa-core explains why games on these phones are highly responsive and cameras too. That creates an entertainment mood you will enjoy.

The octa-core CPU is made of a double quad-core. When the tasks are simple, the first low-powered quod-core is deployed to handle the task. Things can get more complicated sometimes! That is the time these devices put the high-powered quad-core into a task. The result is a faster process and a better experience. This whole idea is to make the Galaxy A series devices energy efficient. This will help you cut some hidden costs and enjoy the Galaxy experience.

For most of the usual phone tasks like messaging, call, etc., you need not much power. But, for streaming, gaming, and other energy-intensive phone tasks, you need the octo-core. This is one of the selling points of the Galaxy A series.


Samsung has done well in both internal features of their products as well as the outlook. For instance, the A-series come in amazing prism crash black color. The outward appeal displays the amazing feeling the internal features of the phone make you experience. In terms of size, you will have between 6.5’ and 6.7’. This is just the perfect size for your phone to fit inside your palms. That makes messaging and the use of the popular Whatsapp and other socializing platforms easy.

The RAM sizes range between 4 and 8. This complements well the spacious ROM, which is also expandable. As Samsung continues to launch their Galaxy A series, the users continue to wait anxiously for the latest release to experience the updates.


Samsung provides you with accessories to accompany your Galaxy A series. Two of the commonest yet latest accessories include:

  • Galaxy Buds pro
  • Galaxy Buds Live

The two have slight shape differences. The buds pro look like micro microphones, while the Galaxy Buds Live assumes the shape of beans. The Buds pro comes in phantom black, purple, or silver; making it your choice to decide which one to go with. The ergonomic designs coupled up with noise cancellation features make them just outstanding. Let’s wait and see what future releases have for us!


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