The long wait is finally over. We have a new launch of the DJI OSMO pocket, which was first launched in Feb 2019. It’s almost two years gone, and now we have the second version of the series out. The new version comes with massive improvements in terms of specs and prices. For instance, its good size allows the user to have the device calmly pocketed. Users of this tech product loved the previous version for various reasons. With the new advancements, they are likely to love the product even more.

Top-Notch features
We live in a tech advanced world, and a device’s specs matter big time. For instance, the DJI Pocket 2 allows you to live stream to some leading online platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Other than that, you have special specs for photography and videography. For instance, you have 180 degrees panorama features. This allows you to take up to four pictures with great panorama views.
Photography today is more appreciated than in any other era. That is why this device is appreciated and will most likely attract more lovers of the same. There is a camera story mode setting with extra features, allowing you to manipulate images and come up with great stories. Instagram lovers will have fun uploading images and videos produced by this device.
Photography requires excellent skills as well as a good camera. For instance, when it comes to still images, the photographer must be creative. But, his/her creativity will not bear fruit if the camera they use is limited. That is why the DJI Pocket 2 allows one to take still images with 16mp but can extend to 64MB. With such provisions, you have all it takes to capture some of the finest photos you can.
Other than the amazing features, the device is quite a bargain retailing at very competitive prices. You can get a piece at Furthermore, you get a device with a boosted audio to allow you to make better quality sounds for videos. This audio boost did not come automatically. Well, the development team had to install four microphones to allow the device to capture more sounds with increased clarity.
Clearly, the new device is an expression of the developer’s urge to help producers make better quality photos and videos. The new device will, beyond doubt, facilitate major improvements in the quality of videos to be produced henceforth.

Heavy Duty
Ideally, you expect a camera to be massive and all-powerful. Well, this one redefines camera production. The fact that you can put this camera in your pocket comfortably says a lot about its size and weight. Well, you probably expect such a tiny device to be less powerful. You’ll be surprised the reduced size does not translate to less power. You can have the camera work for you for about two hours before calling for a recharge. You also get a stand and many other supportive items. The release will surely make the users and loyal users of the device happy. Their hope is for the producer to keep up with the advancements, having launched this almost two years after the debut release.

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