The best Android apps that pay you money to play games

Many people around this globe spend most of their time on their phones. You spend your time playing two dots or candy crush, but I think you don’t know that you could earn cash by switching to other game applications that pay you for using them. There are many ways to make money using your phone, specifically with apps that pay to play games. Anyone gets paid by using them.       

In this way, you will have fun while playing games and make money by just playing. By doing this, you will not make enough money to quit a job, but you can easily make enough money for extra spending or put aside your savings. The most important thing to know about this is that these games from which you make money are totally different from those you play.

There are a lot of apps that offer you to make money by using them. All these apps pay you from a few pennies to a few dollars for your efforts. 

I have brought a list of top money-making apps by just playing games on Andorid OS

Swag bucks

With more than 15 million users, Swag bucks are one of the best apps for getting cash and gift cards. Here is a real opportunity to make money through this app. It is an online website that offers you to earn free credits for playing games. This app states that it has paid more than $200 million in rewards to its members. It also states that it also gives out more than 6,000 gift cards daily. There are many simple ways to earn your Swag bucks right from your phone, including watching videos, taking surveys, searching the web, shopping online, and many more. 

The app gives you rewards for all things you are already doing with your phones. So, it is a great app to take advantage of. A piece of good news for you is that it is absolutely free to become a member of this app. The need to earn money by using this app is that you have to become a member of this app. In short, there are tons of categories and ways to make money through your phone. 

Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars is a well-known website to earn cash by playing games, taking online surveys, etc. You can easily sign up and start making money. This app is for those who are interested in earning cash than rewards points. It is an excellent choice for them. Here is a vast collection of games to play to earn cash. One thing to remember is that if you have to finish a game and receive a score, you will be eligible for a credit. 

If you don’t finish a game, then you will not be able to earn cash. Once you have earned credits by finishing games, you can convert them into cash and send them to your account. It means you can pull out your earnings from this app and put that cash into your savings. The app offers you all these that you might already do. One more thing about this app is that if you block ads using AdBlocker, it will affect your eligibility to redeem your credits and rewards. 


Bananatic is a great app for you to make money if you really love mobile gaming. The app not only helps you win money or prizes for playing games by using this app, but you can also win cash or prizes by testing and leaving comments on the games you play. In this way, you are helping game developers by testing their free games while earning cash and prizes. 

Game programmers and developers develop this feature to get suggestions for improvement. The app has created a fun community of all game lovers. Here you can meet other players and discuss games, bugs, and game development. With this app, you will find a fun, interactive community and a straightforward and easy way to earn cash. This app is a great option for earning money for those who are aspiring developers and who are interested in reviewing content.

Swag IQ

Swag IQ is an app for you if you want to enjoy the thrill of a good game show. The app is a fun and addicting live trivia show on your smartphone. It is definitely used as fun. You play through ten questions on a lot of topics with only ten seconds per question to answer. The most important part of this trivia game is that every question is harder than the last one. With this app, you really get a chance to test your knowledge on a trivia game show. 

If you answer every question correctly, you will be awarded. You will be given a series of multiple-choice questions, and then you have to answer each question in 10 seconds. One more thing, you will be given multiple choice answers. If you don’t choose the correct answer in a limited time, you will be out of the grand prize. On this app, you can easily challenge your friends and play together to see who the most intelligent guy is.  

Send Earnings

Send earnings work just like InboxDollars. The tasks on this app are the same, and even the layout is similar. The app pays you for reading emails, taking surveys, participating in polls, and more. This app also pays you for referring your friends. For registering as a new user, you get a $5 bonus. It does not take too much time to reach this goal. Keep in mind that you have to keep an amount of $25 in your account to cash out a gift card. By referring your one friend, you can earn 10% of all of their earnings. You can expect about a week to get your prize.

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