The Absa Contactless Payment System

On 5 March 2021, Absa Bank Kenya tweeted their vertical contactless ATM card unveiling. The feature will allow Absa bank clients to make contactless payments. The contactless feature was largely influenced by the outbreak of the Covid-19. Whether the idea was a work in progress or not before the outbreak of the pandemic, the fact that covid-19 happened probably fast-tracked its launch. Going forward, Absa clients will experience a safer way to make payments and a convenient one too. Besides, it will be a fast one and very efficient. Other banks should borrow the idea and treat their clients to such an amazing disruptive experience.

The clients have received the concept with joy and reacted quickly by getting themselves the cards. Users of the contactless card have appreciated the concept and thanked the provider. High chances are clients had requested for the same. This is true especially after cases of coronavirus rose to the moon. Absa was quick to respond and launched the contactless card. This is one of the tools of banking offered by the South-African-based financial services provider.

The Absa Profile

The Absa parent organization is Barclays. The Plc was formed in 1991 and continues to be a leading banking services provider in Africa and the world. The popular bank has other tools of banking that make it easier for their clients to trade, check; You could use their banking app, chat banking option, self-service calls, and/or, cell phone banking. All these options make it easier for the users to access their funds.

Seemingly, Absa has its users in mind when developing its financial service products and tools of access. For instance, some parts of Africa have limited or no access to the internet. Cell phone banking (USSD) offers banking solutions to such areas. This means everyone is included irrespective of the challenges facing them. It is therefore safe to say Absa is addressing the issue of access to financial services. Sadly, most providers in the world leave out marginalized areas when offering their services.

Going Contactless

Absa is leading the contactless movement, at least in the Africa region. Social distancing and reduced contact are some of the ways to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. This means Absa is playing its role in protecting its client from the deadly virus. At first, it may seem a minor issue. But with time most people would be protected from the virus without their knowledge. If only you could tell or see the virus; it’s only then that we could see the many lives this move by Absa will save.

Since covid-19 happened, the number of people using cash went down. Most opted for cashless systems. But what people forgot is that the use of ATM cards is still in contact. The fact that you will swipe your card and get it back to your bag makes it even more dangerous. Assuming the card gets in contact with your phone, then makes way to your face and that may be it. The virus keeps mutating and you just don’t know how harsh or lenient it may be to your body. That is why you need not take chances. Absa has taken that step by using innovation to save you from such contacts.

Some people make several contacts with their ATM cards because maybe they visited several payment points. For instance, one may go shopping for clothes, then go to a supermarket and buy households. After that, they may perhaps visit an eatery. Well, remember these places have heard others pay using a similar payment method. The thing with covid-19 is that you do not experience symptoms immediately. By the time you do, you’d have infected several others. This move will therefore save thousands or millions of Absa clients. Fair play Absa! This is a perfect example of using tech to save the world.


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