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When you look at the successful YouTubers from India, you will notice that Technical Guruji is holding a prominent place out of them. He is going strong with millions of subscribers. He is a perfect role model for all the YouTubers based in India and other parts of the world. He was even able to get into the list of Forbes 30 under 30 lists. The talent, dedication, and commitment of Technical Guruji have contributed a lot towards the success that he could achieve within a short period.

Gaurav Chaudhary is the name of the person behind the Technical Guruji YouTube Channel. He launched his YouTube channel under the name “Technical Guruji”, which made him famous. The name of the YouTube channel is quite popular among people in India and other parts of the world when compared to the name. 

The Technical Guruji YouTube channel was initially designed and developed for technical reviews. However, he is explaining how technology works through his YouTube channel as well. Therefore, people who are looking forward to enhancing their technical knowledge have gathered around this YouTube channel. The YouTube channel is going strong as of now.

The early life of Chaudhary

Having a basic understanding of the success of Chaudhary, it is worthy of taking a look at his early life and seeing the history behind Technical Guruji. From childhood, Chaudhary had an interest in technical topics. Due to the same reason, he started learning how to program in the early days of life. While surfing the internet, he discovered YouTube back in the year 2007. During this period, Chaudhary was completing a Master’s Degree in Micro Economics. Upon the completion of the Master’s Degree, he decided to join the family business. However, he has been continuing to update the YouTube channel as a hobby. During their spare time, Chaudhary was working on updating the YouTube channel.

Upon discovering the potential of YouTube, he wanted to come up with his channel. That’s where Technical Guruji was created. This channel was built in October 2015. It didn’t take a long time for him to make the Technical Guruji YouTube channel go viral. That’s because he had almost eight years of experience in YouTube by that time. 

During the initial days, Chaudhary was focusing more on tech reviews through the YouTube channel. Later he started venturing into other related topics as well. Apart from product reviews, he started explaining the basic concepts behind how different technologies work.

Technical Guruji is a channel that focuses mainly on the Indian community. Therefore, you will be able to find videos that are uploaded in the Hindi language. These videos are expanding the reach of Indians who come from all parts of the world as well.

Current status of the Technical Guruji YouTube channel

As of now, the Technical Guruji YouTube channel has got 17 million subscribers. It can be considered the most significant tech-related YouTube channel that you can find in India. Even if the channel has grown so big, you will be able to discover Chaudhary paying particular attention to keeping it up and running on his own. He is engaged with the process of writing, creating, editing, and uploading videos. 

The popularity of the Technical Guruji YouTube channel is known by people in all parts of the world. You can even find subscribers who don’t speak Hindi but have subscribed to the Technical Guruji YouTube channel. This is the second most subscribed tech-related YouTube channel in the entire world as well.

Technical Guruji is the main YouTube channel of Chaudhary. However, he has many other YouTube channels as well. He has a personal YouTube channel, which he uses for vlogging. This channel has an active subscriber base of around 3 million subscribers as well. You can call it the most significant vlog in India.

The Technical Guruji YouTube channel has got around 2,700 videos. These videos are being updated regularly. When you look at this video collection, you will divide them into several major categories. In one video, you can find product unboxing, whereas, in another video, you can discover Chaudhary explaining new technology. Some of the videos uploaded to the YouTube channel are a mix of everything. 

On every Sunday, Chaudhary comes up with an interaction video through the Technical Guruji YouTube channel. Along with this video, he attends to the questions that the viewers are posting on Twitter. 

You can even notice that some of the videos uploaded by Chaudhary are shot while he is flying on flights. He has used Wi-Fi facilities available in-flight to edit and upload these videos. No matter how busy Chaudhary is, he doesn’t miss out on regularly uploading content to the YouTube channel. It is contributing a lot to his success. 

Chaudhary is a person who is passionate about the work that he does as well. In addition to that, he loves to educate people on technology and the benefits that come along with it. That’s why he is committed to updating the YouTube channel regularly. He knows that the audience gathered around the YouTube channel is keen to discover more about technology. Hence, Technical Guruji is using the best out of his YouTube channel to deliver appropriate experiences. 

If you can take a look at the history of this YouTube channel, you will notice that it has improved continuously. You will also see that Gaurav Chaudhary has gotten in touch with multiple users and collected feedback. Based on the input, he is updating the YouTube channel regularly. The regular feedback collection by Chaudhary has contributed a lot towards this fact.

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