Tech Trends Because Of Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm. In the beginning, the universe was made to believe it is a Chinese virus and won’t affect the rest of us. Well, the virus shocked the world! Within weeks, it had spread to most of the surrounding countries. Before weeks could turn into months, each country in the world was registering confirmed cases and deaths. Governments were forced to put up containment measures to take care of the situation. And that was the start of all financial problems. But, with every cloud is a silver lining. To some great minds, this was an opportunity to reinvent. While others were losing the battle to the virus, others were winning.

Remote working

Previously, we had to go to the office to work. At least for the majority of us. Since corona took over, a lot has changed. People now work remotely and still as productive. But, this has only been enabled by technology. The framework to enable this existed before but wasn’t maximized as it is at the moment. Therefore, it is safe to say the COVID-19 virus is why the boom of remote working.

Teams now communicate via zoom, and staff use web based applications to work. Admins also work from home, ensuring their teams work well with minimum disruptions. Working remotely also exposes organizations to more risks. Web-based applications are easier to tap into, therefore leaking organizational secrets. But, with fine IT personnel’s it is still safe to work that way.

Artificial Intelligence

I don’t think the world will ever be the same again. The pandemic has come with myriads of lessons, and it will take decades for people to lose their discipline again. In the midst of this confusion, AI continues to rise. It is projected that by 2030, AI technology will be a major income earner contributing close to $16 Trillion worldwide. Why will AI be this big?

More inventions are coming up than ever before. People buying goods and services online will spike in number, and the traffic will be crazy high. Machine learning and data analytics will help online suppliers and businesses evaluate the potential and where the numbers are to capitalize and grow their businesses.

Producers will more accurately forecast future consumer behavior and make more informed decisions. That way, it’ll be easier to grow their businesses and scale-up. With AI, it’ll also be possible to identify likely challenges that may face your business and deal with them before they cripple your hard work.

Virtual Reality

Previously, it was mainly used by game and movie lovers. Although new technology, things are changing fast, and people are adopting technology faster than ever before. With many now confined in their homes, the use of VR somehow brings back the life we were used to be.

With VR, it’s easier to get rid of boredom. Besides, you get to experience real-world stuff in the comfort of your room. COVID-19 has confined people in their rooms, robbing them of the freedom to move freely. That has led to a lack of access to real world action.

Virtual Reality (VR) was an emerging technology but realized a tremendous increase in adoption in the COVID-19 era. More individuals have been left with no other option than to accept this technology and move with it. We’re human, and we get interested in more real stuff. Thanks to the coronavirus, individuals have realized the significance of the technology, thus using it more. With time, technology will attract more and more users.

Use of robots

This should fall under artificial intelligence but is too solid enough to be on its own. With COVID-19 being highly dangerous, doctors remain at a high risk of contracting the infection. Some countries fast enough to solve problems have already come up with a solution to this.

For instance, some countries are using robots instead of doctors to deal with COVID-19 patients. This means the lives of the doctors in those countries are protected. This saves their lives and avoids situations where doctors and nurses must be admitted after contracting the disease.

The robots are programmed to handle the same cases actual doctors used to. The best thing about robots is their ability to handle more patients without rest as humans would need. That said, hospitals have now gotten ways to make more money with less effort from the doctors.

The virus keeps mutating, and it looks like it will be here with us for a while. That is why robots will take over for the longest time possible. With this technology, doctors and nurses will stay safe. Besides, more patients can be seen and lives saved.

Mobile authorizations

Working in the hospital sector before and after COVID-19, I have seen much change, including a new tech trend. Previously, patients would use their fingerprints to authorize payments of bills. This was the case for patients using insurance companies. After the break out of the virus, insurance companies collaborating with hospitals have established a way clients authorize payments using their mobile phones.

Once the cashier finalizes a bill, he/she initiates a dumping process through which the insurance will be notified of the payment. Once that happens, the client receives a code from the insurance company via a short text message. He/she gives the code to the cashier. The cashier then uses the code to finish the process. This means no more contact for patients who previously used their fingers to authorize payments.


COVID-19 has come with a myriad of changes. New technologies have been developed in the spirit of adjusting to the new changes caused by the deadly virus. As things continue to happen, there will be more technologies coming up. The best thing is to adapt to new changes and support innovations. Change is not easy to adopt but remains inevitable. Therefore, being open to changes is the best way forward.

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