Spotify utilizing the Home Screen! The Updated UI lets you pick up from where you left!

Spotify has recently updated its UI to allow you to restart from where you left. The provider utilizes the home screen to create shortcuts for you and make things easy to access. More often than not, we’re forced to stop listening to our playlists or podcasts by the interruptions of life. Sometimes it’s so abrupt that you do not have the time to pause and proceed later. Well, the updated Spotify saves you from such kinds of hangovers.

Additional features

This latest update comes just a year after a previous facelift. Previously, Spotify provided the playlist and podcast feature at the top of the home screen. Their innovation didn’t stop there. The provider is now making it easy to access the last songs you played. The history feature keeps songs you played as long as three months ago.

According to a recent blog post by, the feature will let users access their last three months playlists and review. Besides, Spotify will give full details about the song. This includes the album from which the song was released and showed too. This means the features come with an element of education. I mean, you will learn more about the songs you’ve heard for the past three months.

Update notifications

Spotify has mastered the art of engaging its clientele when it comes to updates. This is the best approach as you let your users tell you what they want. Upon delivering them, you can be sure they’ll stick by your side. Spotify, through, lets its users be aware of the updates that have happened.

The notifications are split into three categories, including the desktop, ios, and android. This means people of all operating systems are covered. The link above gives you a guide on how to go about receiving the latest updates. Reports have it that the new features will have reached every Spotify user by the end of the month. You surely want to be among the first when it comes to receiving these updates.

New Suggestions

There’s nothing as amazing as listening to your favorite songs play back to back. Cognizant of this fact, Spotify has gone the extra mile to put up suggestions for you. The criterion that will be used is still not clear. No one knows the order whether the new suggestion will be based on your song genre, favorite artist, song, etc. Whichever criteria they will use, we hope it will bring the favorite songs one wishes of. These are some of the ways developers are using artificial intelligence to improvise their customer experience. According to the majority of the feedback, it looks like it is paying off.

As you enjoy your podcast or songs, you can be sure to start from where you stopped in case of an interruption. You will have all the songs you’ve listened to recently. Therefore, you won’t have to struggle to look for them. Fair play for Spotify!


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