Spotify announced a 100K EUR/Year fund for FOSS projects

Spotify will donate 100K EUR each year to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). This is to encourage the developers and maintainers of open source projects. This announcement was provided in the Spotify engineering blog, you can check the announcement here: .

Here are all the details and important points that we should know:

  • Total amout of fund is 100K EUR/Year (we mentioned above).
  • Name of the funded projects will be announced in May of each year.
  • Size of the fund may increase in the coming years.
  • Total amout will be distributed among multiple open source maintainers.
  • Foss Fund Community at Spotify will decide the recepients.
  • Project needs to be independently run.
  • Project should be actively maintained.
  • Projects run by Spotify employe will not be considerd.
  • This is to ensure that the open-source project are maintained properly, as many big companies including Spotify use a lot of open-source libraries and depends on open-source projects.
  • The project needs to be related to Spotify values and usage. The projects/libaries will get priority which are used in Spotify codebase.

Spotify as a company also contributes its code to open-source. you can check the public projects/libraries/modules from Spotify on GitHub:

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