Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the home to a large number of tech startup companies. In addition to startups, you will also be able to discover numerous established global companies in Silicon Valley. Facebook, Google and Apple are the most prominent companies out of them.

History of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley was created from multiple contributing factors. People who came up with the idea of creating Silicon Valley wanted to have a STEM research base. In order to go ahead with the idea, they had plenty of venture capital as well. All these factors blended perfectly well with each other and contributed towards the development of Silicon Valley. 

During the initial days, companies that were initiated at Silicon Valley were focusing on military technology roots. One such company focused on sending ship to ship telegraph messages. Companies based in Silicon Valley displayed signs of success along with time. As a result, many startups came into Silicon Valley. They got the opportunity to receive influence from the surroundings and take their initiatives to the next level. Success of companies such as Facebook bear testimonials to contribute towards the above-mentioned fact. 

Why do companies prefer to have their base on Silicon Valley? 

Companies based on Silicon Valley will be able to experience a variety of benefits. Here is a list of some of the most prominent benefits out of them. If you wonder why companies prefer to stick to Silicon Valley as their base, these factors will help you to get a better understanding. 

  • Assistance with funding 

Receiving funds is one of the biggest challenges that startups will have to face. Companies that are starting up in Silicon Valley will not have to worry too much about receiving funds. That’s because plenty of opportunities are available for the companies to receive the funds that are needed. Due to the same reason, startups that are based in Silicon Valley will find it as an easy task to grow when compared to others. 

It is true that a massive talent from all parts of the world is flowing into Silicon Valley. However, the investment pool is growing along with that as well. Due to the same reason, companies don’t need to worry too much about funding when they are starting up in the Silicon Valley. It can provide amazing opportunities for the companies to get up from the ground.

  • Momentum 

Along with funding, companies that are based in Silicon Valley will be able to receive an excellent momentum as well. This momentum can reduce the risk factor that companies face with failing. Momentum has the ability to keep the companies moving forward. 

For example, when you are sitting in a coffee shop located in Silicon Valley, you will be able to hear another person discussing about a new innovative app. Lots of ideas flow around throughout Silicon Valley. This has further contributed towards the level of momentum that you can find in Silicon Valley. This has further contributed towards the success of companies that are established in the company. You will be impressed by the speed on how people get their things done at the Silicon Valley. Due to the same reason, you don’t need to worry too much about failure when starting a new company in Silicon Valley.

  • Silicon Valley is a central startup hub 

Silicon Valley can be considered as a central startup hub. Everybody is connected to the Silicon Valley. Therefore, it has helped entrepreneurs to use Silicon Valley as the epicenter to get their work done. This factor has also tempted the entrepreneurs to come forward and start their own companies in Silicon Valley. 

It is true that you will find it as an easy task to build a successful company in United States. Things will become even more easy when you are starting up the company in Silicon Valley. There is a perfect eco-system in Silicon Valley for the companies to thrive in here. All the investors, angels and VCs are there on Silicon Valley. Hence, accessing them can be done without going through any hassle. 

A company that wants to end up with success in starting a new company in Silicon Valley just need to have the right team and a better understanding on how to approach the market. Then you will be able to execute the idea and get things done in a convenient manner. Many companies have been able to do it in the past. You just need to follow their footsteps and you will be able to get your work done in a convenient manner.

  • Many startups have had success in Silicon Valley

A large number of companies in Silicon Valley have experienced success. When you take a look at companies that are based in Silicon Valley, you will notice that the number of companies that have been able to end up with success are considerably high when compared to the number of companies that ended up with failure. You will not be able to find such a high ratio in another part of the world. This can be considered as another great reason available for you to think about starting your company in Silicon Valley. It can expose you to numerous opportunities, which can help you take things to the next level with ease. 

  • Developing the mentality of the hustlers 

Hustlers who start their companies in Silicon Valley will be provided with the opportunity to develop their mentality in a convenient manner. In fact, you can call Silicon Valley as a rat race among entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs can make sure that they develop an appropriate mindset and hustle towards success with the influence that they get from Silicon Valley. 

Now you have a clear understanding on why companies prefer to go ahead and start their ventures in Silicon Valley. We can expect the popularity of Silicon Valley to further boost in the future as well.

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