Best Offline Shooting Game for Android

Whether its a first-person shooter or third-person shooter, I don’t think there is any place elsewhere you can find so much action as you do here. It’s hard to enjoy all these hot shootings, explosions, and chaos if you have very slow internet connectivity. Well, don’t you worry, because there is no shortage of offline shooting games (the ones that do not require any sort of internet connection). 

Without any further ado, let’s straight away move on to have a look at the best offline shooters for Android.

Note: The titles are in no particular order

N.O.V.A. Legacy

Developed by the N.O.V.A franchise, this first-person shooter is one of the most popular offline shooter games on the Google play store. 

The game’s main characters are Kal Wardin (a veteran mariner of N.O.V.A dressed in a stylish armored suit) and Yelena (his personal Cortana, whose tips and advice are never superfluous). Together these characters have to protect the human race by fighting against the alien invaders and colonial administration forces.  

Being one of the best offline android games, it is loaded with guns for every taste. What really differentiates this installment from its predecessors is that you can create and personalize your weapons between levels. You can craft all sorts of guns and improvements with the objects you receive as rewards for completing missions.

The game has great 3D graphics & high-quality sound, making it a perfect option for offline gamers. Moreover, you can also go online to play deathmatch on the online multiplayer battlefield. 

Cover Fire: Shooting Games

Loaded with lots of action and graphics, this FPS is the coolest offline shooting game for android ever. You will be fighting against Tetracorp, a powerful organization occupying different areas of the planet, oppressing its people, and seizing all of its precious resources. 

The game’s story mode has over 60 missions; you’ll need to work with and battle against a diverse roster of characters. Each character allows you to use different types of deadly weapons such as sniper rifles, machine guns, missile launchers, and so forth. As you complete missions and make your way up the ranks, you’ll also unlock loads of new skills and soldiers.

In addition to high-quality graphic design and stunning animation effects, the game also comes with great sound effects. So, what are you waiting for? Lead your army to victory and bring the revolution against the evil organization in this excellent shooter.

Major Mayhem 2 – Gun Shooting Action

Building upon its predecessor, this action game brings with it exciting new adventures where you’ll have to stop the Evil Villains Corporation’s malicious plans single-handedly.

It has over 50 different levels, each full of enemies to shoot and dozens of hostages to save. Fortunately, you have more than 20 weapons at your disposal to use when confronting the bad guys, including several pistols, sniper rifles, bazookas, shotguns, and so forth. As usual, you’ll unlock the weapons one by one as you finish different levels. 

To sum it all, it’s a great action game, with fun and addictive mechanics, as well as great graphics. This is a game you want to play when you are tired and don’t have the time & energy to create strategies. Just launch the game and start shooting.

Mad Bullets: Cowboy Shooter

A first-person shooter set in the Wild West, this game provides you with hilarious yet exciting gameplay. With just a pistol by your side, you jump right into the fast-paced action; all you have to worry about is aiming and shooting as your character moves automatically.

There are 3 locations, 50 levels, 4 mini-games, about 200 missions, and some of the hilarious content I have ever encountered; it will have you rolling on the floor with its quirky characters and fun gameplay style.

All in all, it’s an outstanding FPS with excellent visuals that are ideal for anyone looking for a more light-hearted action. So, what are you waiting for? Take on ninjas, cowboys, and anyone else who comes in your way. 

LONEWOLF (17+) – a Sniper Story

Serious and downright brutal this FPS will really test your morals. Suitable for 17 and above only, you play as Lonewolf, a mysterious assassin who works for an organized crime ring in a large metropolis. Unlike other titles in this genre, the story unfolds through comic strips between gameplay plays a major part in the game.

There are 30 missions (know this they’re pretty short with very straightforward objectives) and more than 20 Weapons to unlock, upgrade and collect in the game. Normally, you have to kill some targets, but sometimes you also have to meet other requirements to complete the mission. 

Moreover, it has a very memorable storyline, a breath of fresh air, especially if you consider the stories behind other games of this type. To put it in simple words, it’s a pretty different kind of the first-person shooter that is perfect for anyone who loves to tackle challenges at any cost.

Kill Shot Bravo: Free 3D Shooting Sniper Game

Rivaling the Hitman game series, Kill Shot Bravo is an FPS where you form part of a group of elite forces that carries out missions around the globe. You’ll have to utilize sniper rifles and other sorts of guns to complete your missions. 

From jungle mountain ranges to Mediterranean islands, you will have to carry out missions in all sorts of different environments. On completing each mission, you will be rewarded with money using which you can buy new weapons and upgrade the existing ones. 

It may not be something very special or groundbreaking, but it’s still a pretty good first-person shooter that’ll keep you entertained with its large collection of missions. If you enjoy playing a covert assassin, then you should definitely give this one a try.

Dead Effect 2

Set in a space station overtaken by zombies, Dead Effect 2 is a top-notch FPS where your objective is to escape from the space station alive, a complicated mission that unfolds over the course of a twenty-hour campaign.

Sequel to the first competent shooter on Android, Dead Effect 2 is even better. From amazing graphics to an enticing story, it improves upon everything that the original brought to Android. It allows you to choose between three different characters; as you advance through the story, you’ll be able to improve your character’s abilities with 100+ upgradable body implants and gear suits. Of course, you also have an arsenal with forty-plus weapons at your disposal.

If you are looking for a good offline shooting game with realistic effects, a great storyline, and high-octane gameplay, then you must try this horror-themed sci-fi shooter.

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