It’s not usual to see a brand tear down their product to show their clients how one could self-service their machine or repair it. Well, Sony did it in a seven-minute video stared by their head of the PS5 mechanical design (MD) whose name is Yasuhiro Ootiro. In a world where Do It Yourself (DIY) is highly advocated for, the move seems one to prove Sony’s commitment to keeping its clients informed.

The lead MD takes the viewers through the dismantling process and explains how each part is connected. Other than showcasing the features, he clarifies on the functionality. It is amazing how a perceived complicated PS5 can be broken down into simple pieces. Yasuhiro explains how the cooling fan, the white parts, and all the internal parts border each other and interconnect. He goes ahead to give a step by step teardown of the console. This perhaps is going to help Sony PS5 owners solve minor challenges they may experience in their gaming.

Other than that, the breakdown helps realize how one can utilize the console’s M.2 port. This slot can be used to access the expandable storage option. The way to reach it is through getting rid of the side panels. This removal when done calmly will allow you easy access to the slot.

Leading By Example

Not often will you see leaders lead by example. They usually resolve to ‘beating’ their juniors to give such presentations and pressure them to give their best. With this, perhaps most organizations will change the way things are done. Maybe we will see more leaders start leading by example. Sony has already set the pace and this is commendable from Yahusiro Ootiro.

Back to the teardown and it is amazing how the PS5 cools down. Apparently, the research and development team has spent about two years trying to come up with the cooling system. With the PS5 console, you have a cooling fan that has a thickness and diameter of 45mm and 120 mm respectively. In addition to this, there is a heatsink that facilitates cooling. That’s not all, there’s a liquid metal to complete the three facet cooling system.

Overheating is a challenge most gaming machines face. Sony has invested so much into finding a solution to this problem and this is evident in the technical cooling system combination it has made for the PS5. The goal is to have a long-lasting cooling system. 

It is important to note that some gamers may play for hours or even days without pausing. It can get worse if they are a group of many playing in turns. The fact remains, PS5 is addictive. This is one reason why the cooling system has to hold the capacity to cool the system for long hours.

Years of Work, Positive results 

Sony has spent about two years working on the cooling system. This may sound ridiculous at first but makes total sense when you look at the strides the PS5 has made. Apparently, it has cost the tech giant about five years of work, expenses, and trials to get such a fine product. For the years worked, we can finally see positive results. 

The seven-minute video describing Sony PS5’s features and how a teardown can be down, you can tell the effort that went into the design and development of the product. The company is set to make millions from the sale of the product according to projections. How much money the product will fetch the company remains to be seen with time.

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