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Saving information is now easy. Cloud is there for everyone with space needs. The best thing about space is that your data is always backed up. For that reason, you can always retrieve these details even if you lose your storage devices. But one thing continues to worry those storing their data in space. Besides, we live in the era of big data. This puts organizational data at high risk. Companies would lose billions if their cloud space was to be invaded. That is why these organizations need a security feature to secure their territories lest they want competitors to take over.

The Efficient Bridgecrew Security Feature

Click this link to reach out to the source of this This is an automation feature for your security. It makes your information in space safer and the whole infrastructure harder to bypass by intruders. Investing in this will change your fortunes.

You can start by going through a demo so you understand how this thing works. That way, you will have an easier time when putting to work the actual software. It is a very useful tool and you will definitely love it.

All in One Cloud Security Platform

Continuous cloud security is one of the things you should expect to benefit from. For instance, OneMain Financial’s VP, Cyber Security, Mr. Tundi Oni-Daniel, said, “With Bridgecrew, we were able to address cloud security earlier and more thoroughly. By connecting to our AWS accounts, we were able to gauge our current cloud security posture instantly. Their platform goes above and beyond, allowing us to monitor for misconfigurations continuously as part of every commit, and to fix them automatically.” You can check the statement at:

The comment is one of the many praises directed at Bridgecrew. The system identifies any cloud problems your space might be experiencing. This is in automation and happens thanks to the monitoring feature the system has. The monitoring process is continuous. This continuity is to ensure your public cloud stays safe all the time.

Besides, most organizations have more than one user on the cloud. You will need to manage them and their activities. You also have to govern their accounts and ensure everyone performs their roles well. Compliance is also critical as there are rules and regulations to adhere to. You do not want your organization to be rendered non-compliant as this may lead to financial losses.

Cloud security issues should be redressed as soon as they happen or are detected. You do not want a security threat to be left unaddressed. Billions might be lost. Automating the redress process could save the organization billions in revenue.

Tech for other disciplines

  1. Engineering and DevOps

The Bridgecrew is a blessing to engineers and developers. One of the hardest tasks to perform as an inventor is to secure your work. There are people out here working hard to steal other’s sweat and that is why you must work to protect it. It can be tedious to work on a project and waste time again trying to secure it. With this platform, security is taken care of and you are released to just focus on your work. That way you can deliver better because you are confident no one will take off with your work.

  1. Security and compliance teams

This is an empowerment tool security and compliance teams can utilize. The previous technologies worked well but this has proven to be more effective and efficient. The system is also reliable and makes a big difference. Knowing how effective this system is, organizations will feel more confident working with you. That means more trust in you and definitely better output.


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