Best Scientific Calculator apps for Android

Everybody needs a calculator to solve many daily life problems. To solve complex equations, a scientific calculator is required, which are the basic need of a student and an engineer. Many people use them to figure out minor problems because they have to deal with calculations every day. Therefore, a calculator app allows smartphone users to use this app for an estimate. 

Fortunately, there is a large number of cool calculator apps for an Android phone. These scientific calculator apps offer reliable features. They have the power to solve critical mathematical problems. Here, we brought a list of such calculator apps to resolve such complications.

Panecal scientific calculator

Panecal app is the best and free scientific calculator app for android users. This scientific calculator app is used mainly for technical work. The app is beneficial for engineers and science students. Because you can use this app very quickly in different engineering measurements and calculation purposes, it also has a copy and pastes option.

 This app also shows various formulas to use. You can also use this app to calculate inverse trigonometric functions, binary numbers, and others. In short, you can say that it is the best scientific calculator app.

HiPER Scientific Calculator

HiPER scientific calculator is a well-known android app calculator with a considerable number of five-star ratings. The app can detect repeating decimals numbers and also converts them to fractions. On this calculator, you can naturally enter equations. Then the result will be displayed as a simplified equation. 

Even in this app, you can change the themes according to your taste. This calculator has ten memory slots and approximately 90 scientific constants. Almost all scientific operations are supported in the HiPER Scientific Calculator, which are required in engineering.

Scientific calculator free

It is a simple calculator that can be used friendly to solve all your mathematical and engineering calculations. It allows us to use all necessary operations, trigonometric and hyperbolic operations. It is an essential tool for engineering students because they have to face various complications while studying. Basic, advanced, and graphic modes let you use what you desire. 

One of the most benefits of this calculator is that you’ll never lose your scientific calculator whenever you need it. By this app, you can solve your hexadecimal operations and conversions. Moreover, it is swift, easy to use. While using it, you will not face any difficulty. 

Microsoft Math Solver

The app is easy to use with a realistic appearance. Microsoft Math solver is a powerful scientific calculator with a smart physical appearance. You can solve your complex equations with this friendly app. It offers to solve mathematical problems and to save their answers in history. 

This app is best suited for engineering and graphical calculation. Microsoft Math solver app has some pro features that include equation syntax highlighting and trigonometric functions with complex numbers. You can also access degrees and radians for trigonometric operations. 


SmartCalc is the most fantastic app for android users. It helps its users to get the entire calculation as you type. The app allows its users to gain access to your result history on your smartphone. This app works wonderfully like natural scientific calculators because it supports almost all mathematical functions, such as trigonometric operation and basic operations, etc. Along with these qualities, it offers you to plot a Graph for various features. And also share it in the image.

Graphic calculator

The graphic calculator is a powerful scientific calculator app. It helps you to use various arithmetic functions and exponential functions on your android phone. You can also get square root, cube root, nth root, log base ten, etc. 

With all these qualities, you can also get different graphs for various mathematical functions. This quality is its authoritative function. 

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The most useful and famous scientific calculator for android is the RealCalc scientific calculator. Its features are similar to the real handheld calculator. The app can be used to perform traditional algebraic operations. It can handle fractions, degree, trigonometric functions, and more. 

The app also helps us to perform conversions between binary and hexadecimal. You can show dot matrix and access physical constants table, etc. this is one of the best apps for android phone users.


Photomath is a rich feature calculator for android devices. You can use it to solve math problems instantly. It works by scanning the printed text and hand-written mathematical problems by using an Android device camera. 

It is designed to break the mathematical problem into steps that are easy to understand. By this feature, you can conveniently follow the core concept to solve the question. This app also supports multiple solving methods. Even you will be provided step-by-step explanations for every solution.

 MyScript Calculator

MyScript app is another well-known scientific app for android. It is simple and easy to use. With the help of this app, you can quickly solve essential as well as advanced mathematical functions such as powers, roots, and many others. This app will provide the results in real-time. This app also has the feature to save all the results in its history so that these answers can be reused whenever you want. 

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