Samsung’s exciting Double folding phone plan!

It is 23 March 2021 and several leading tech reporters have announced Samsung’s latest project. According to The verge;, Samsung is working on a folding phone and will release the device as soon as it is ready. The idea is likely to affirm Samsung’s monopoly in the industry. This will surely lay off some pressure from other competitors. The result will be an increase in revenue for Samsung, and perhaps a clinch of some clients from the competing brands.

The project is quite interesting. Reports have it that the phone will have two hinges. This will give the device the freedom to fold thrice. This is an interesting feature most subscribers and Samsung die-hards are curiously waiting to see.

Most reports promise that the phone will be out by the end of 2021. Some of the interesting features the phone will have include the screen’s 16:9 ratio. This means app makers will have to adjust the ratios to suit this model. It becomes even easier for the app makers to use this ratio.

Samsung Combo

Analysts have been quick to rule this project to be a combination of Samsung’s previous works. This is true to some extent considering the features of the three devices. The double-folding phone shares some features with both the Galaxy Z Fold and the hit phone Z Flip. The Verge also shared their opinion on a blog dated 22 March 2021. They also believe this new edition to be launch by December is a combination of the two aforementioned previous Samsung productions.

What impact does this have?

Well, the previous devious already have their pieces. Once this one is launched, it will appear to be an upgrade to them. For the enthusiasts, it will be an opportunity to upgrade and get the latest version. Although, there’ll need for proper study of the user manual. The new device is bound to have more features, both complicated and simplified.

The stand-out feature of this phone is its ability to fold three times. Previous manufacturers have produced similar designs before. Perhaps its advanced processing power and additional features make the difference. For that reason, you can expect the device to hit record sales once it is launched for the public.

Samsung will also leverage its name and status quo. For that reason, you expect millions to purchase the device just because Samsung made it.

No Galaxy?

Perhaps people were expecting a new version of the Samsung galaxy edition. According to reports, Samsung is believed to skip production of the much-hyped edition. The reason for this decision is not clear. Perhaps they decided so to focus on the design and production of the current project. Designing and producing a new device is never a walk in the park. That may be the reason Samsung chose not to produce the popular galaxy this year. Instead, they decided to channel all the energy into the making of this new anticipated device. Just like the production team, we are all anxious to see how the product performs once it is launched when the year ends.


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