Reverso’s Strategic Desktop App Launch

It is all about strategy in the business world as time and substance matters. The Reverso dictionary app has done another strategic launch. This time it has released its desktop app. This comes as good news for macOS and Windows users as the desktop app was designed for them. The reaction from the public was impressive as it took only 48 hours for the company to hit the 40,000-mark for downloads. This is a clear indication of the direction this app is taking. Perhaps a show of how successful the project will be.


The desktop version launch is good news for content creators and those learning new languages. The app is accessible easily when installed on your PC. Apparently, you can use a keyboard shortcut to get to the app and back. If switching to and from the app is, the number of downloads is likely to go even higher.

Reverso has for a while been operational for a while without the macOS and Windows desktop app. The competition was stiff from Google Translate, although, the usage was high regardless. According to reports, Reverso recorded millions of downloads for Android and iOS apps. Besides, their page had heavy traffic close to half a billion.

The shortcuts allow you to access Reverso at an impressive speed and get back to what you were doing without inconveniences. All you need to do is highlight the word or phrase you want to look up. Once that is done, you can do the shortcut combination and land on the app just like that.

Reverso helps in pronunciation as well as with word meanings and synonyms. This helps you learn what words mean and gives you alternatives. This broadens and widens your vocabulary as well as helps you master the language you’re checking out.

Several Launches

Considering the number of launched Reverso has done, it is clear the language learning app is committed to making the lives of those learning new languages easy. Just the other day, Reverso launched Reverso Documents which at the moment gets close to fifty thousand users monthly. This tells you how on-demand this service is. Perhaps this is why the development team is working tirelessly to provide more services. 

Such developments sometimes come from a client who has a broad perspective on a certain service and would love to experience more from the provider. Therefore, through their feedback, they give suggestions. Or it could be their clients expressing a certain need that’s not being met at the moment. This forces the research and development team to dive deep and come up with solutions fast before they lose their clients to their competitors. And that’s what keeps great companies afloat of any kind of competition for generations.

Reverso has launched many new creations and all have been well received by their community. It is amazing how the traffic on their sites and social media platforms keeps going up with every other launch. The success of the recently launched Reverso desktop app for macOS and Windows is already visible. Only time will tell the far they will go.

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