Raspberry Pi 400; Modern problems have Modern Solutions

Raspberry Pi 400 is the new generation compact computer within a keyboard. A single gadget replaced the need for a separate large CPU tower, keyboard, mouse, and many ports. We have the 2020 version of Pi 400. It is one of the latest products from Raspberry Pi, which is equally comforting for people from every age group. If you have a reserved budget, this is a pretty attractive option for you. Just $70 or £67 and you will have a  mouse and cables. It is the best solution for us in the challenging days of coronavirus. 

Raspberry Pi has always been a Personal Computer company and inspired by the home computers of the 1980s. They aim to provide high-performance and programmable computers at affordable prices in the hands of people worldwide. Raspberry Pi 400 is the newest product from them in the challenging days of this pandemic. Raspberry Pi 400 is a personal computer of compact size that is built into a compact keyboard.

Image source: raspberrypi.org

The last version was Raspberry Pi 4 that was launched in June 2019. During the lockdown and pandemic situation, people started to work from home, and most of them preferred to use Raspberry Pi computers. That’s why they introduced a more advanced version of personal computers. 

Well, this is a good idea of launching Raspberry Pi 400 that is cooler, faster than 4GB Raspberry Pi 4, and integrated into a compact keyboard with Wi-Fi. It has an ARM-based system on a chip (64-bit quad-core ARM core-A72 at 1.8GHz). You can also enjoy Bluetooth low energy and Gigabit Ethernet. If you are looking for an affordable PC for day-to-day use, this is a pretty good option for you. If you compare it with Chromebook, Raspberry Pi 400 is the most powerful device. It costs $70 for the computer and forgetting the ready-to-go kit you have to pay $100. 

Now let’s talk about ports; you can get two micro-HDMI ports that enable you to plug two 4K displays if you need a lot of space for the cables. Apart from these two ports, you can also get two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port, and a USB 2.0 port. You can also avail yourself of MicroSD cards for the operating system to store your data. The desktop is a Debian-based Linux operating system or the Ubuntu that is a third-party operating system.

There are U.S, U.K, Italian, Spanish, German, and French when it comes to keyboard layouts. In the Pi 400 kit, you will get a power supply, mouse, a micro HDMI to HDMI cable, an official beginner’s guide, and a pre-formatted MicroSD.

Unbelievable, look at this you are going to have plenty of handsome features in just a handful of dollars. What can be better than having Raspberry pi 400 in a challenging pandemic situation and tight budget? We are expecting this computer to perform as well as its features. They announced it a couple of days ago, and it should be available to people in the coming days. 

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