Ranch Simulator

According to Google, 96% of its users loved the game. That may justify the 5/5 score this game has on Instant-Gaming.com. On Fanatical, the game is rated 4/5. Well, these are statistics to show how well loved the Ranch Simulator is.

But why is there so much hype about this free to play game? What makes the sandbox game a darling of many games and why do these rating platforms highly rate the game? Well, stick here to know all you need about the game.

Basic Information

Let’s start here, the game was initially released on 4 March 2021. Developed by The Toxic Dog, the game was published by the same outfit in collaboration with Excalibur Publishing. Upon publishing, the game gained popularity within no time.

Game lovers immediately started playing and we’re not surprised they loved the game at the first instance. The action game is one of the few thrillers rocking the internet at the moment.

Others would want to classify the game as a simulation or strategy video game. Well, whether simulation or action, the fact remains that the Ranch Simulator became a hit as soon as it was published. Ms Windows is the platform this game can be launched on. Besides, Steam Play and Linux supports the game.

You could also save the game on Steam cloud. It is an interesting one that you won’t want to play just once and leave it at that. Below are some of the features you want to know about this thrilling game.


  • Widescreen resolution

When playing a video game, you surely want the perfect resolution for your game. It should wide enough to allow you play without having to adjust some settings just to feel comfortable.

The ranch simulator has enough widescreen resolution. This offers enough comfort for you to enjoy your game with your friends or competitors.

The Multi-monitor tool, that is a component of the widescreen resolution feature allows you to play the game across multiple monitors. This is possible at a spanned resolution that ensures the quality of the display is maintained.

The ultrawide screen also displays using the 4K Ultra HD with customized resolution. Besides, there’s a scaling feature that ensures quality is maintained at all times.

  • Video settings

The game offers a variety of video modes you could alternate or apply at the same time depending on your preferences. The field of view and windowed specs are some of the features you want to try.

There’s also the option to go for borderless Fullscreen windowed option or just adopt the color-blind mode. Both options offer diversity and would appeal differently to different gamers based on their experiences and preferences.

Anisotropic filtering and the anti-aliasing features are also amazing features you’ll love about the games. These specs allow users with different visual needs to adjust the game to their needs.

  • Hardware

You get a graphics card and a virtual reality headset when you purchase the game. These allow you to play comfortably and have a more real game exposure. That means enjoying the game more and making it memorable.


The plot of a game determines a lot about the ability of the gamers to enjoy the game or not. Building and farming are not the most popular of gaming ideas. This one turns these activities into amazing gaming opportunities you do not want to miss out on.

Hunting and trading are also part of the mix. Generally, ranching is the plot of the game. The game is a chance for you to turn the ranch provided into the best. Your skills will determine whether you will achieve this feat or not.

As you play the game, there are three major accomplishments you’ll be going after. Rebuilding your inherited ranch is the first goal. You have to make it the best in the village and that you can accomplish by yourself or with the help of others. You can play the game as one player or as many as four.

It is also your responsibility to take of your livestock. That way, they’ll regain good shape and give you the opportunity to make your ranch great again. It doesn’t end there.

There’s also a huge task awaiting you. You have to go out there and hunt. Deers and bears are the most common animals out there. You can find them and get wild meat for your food or just for fun. The game is more than enjoyable.

Gamers’ feedback

With every game comes feedback from the gamers. The ranch simulator too has attracted a number of comments from those who’ve tried the game. Well, seemingly, those that have tried this game have really enjoyed it.

One gamer requested that this game should be made a full series because it is very interesting. They also seem to have liked the lines on the game. One lover of the game said that a certain line on the game sounded like that of a farm boy’s line on Tinder.

Kim, a gamer responding to the game on YouTube stated that he loves simulation games and this is just the perfect example. There might be other games like this, but none seem to outdo this one. As more people interact with the game, they love it more and give it the liking it deserves.

The game guarantees value for money. Other than affordability, the game is easy to play. You also do not require much after downloading the game. It is plug and play. That means, there are no hard procedures in installation of the game.

Once you have it on your PC, that’s it. The next step is just to play the game. Besides, there’s the option of playing the game online. It is up to you to decide which one is the better one for you.

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