Postman plan and pricing update 2020

Postman has updated their plans and related pricing recently. In a blog post, they have informed about the changes. If you are already a user or planning to use their service – you surely need to be informed about the changes.

Postman is the most popular app/platform for API development and testing. As the software industry is moving towards API based architecture, so checking/testing those APIs have become more and more important for the past few years. And the postman team has proved that it is the best app for that. 

We have tested lots of other tools for the same purpose but were never satisfied with their result. Those apps are suffering from poor UI, inconsistency in the processing or some other issues.

Postman has always come up with a better result and new features. 

These new plans and prices will be effective from 1st February 2020. Let’s see how the new pricing and plans look.

Now 3 paid plans are named and will be billed like bellow:

Plan name Team size (users) Monthly bill / User Annual bill / User
Postman Team 1-19 $15 $12
Postman Business 20-99 $30 $24
Postman Enterprise 100+ Contact for price Contact for price


Their previous plans were:

Plan name Team size (users) Monthly bill / User
Postman Pro 50 $8
Postman Enterprise Any number of users $18


All the existing paid users will be migrated to new plans on 1st Feb, and new billing will be applied at the end of February. 

Also, there is a Free plan for individuals and small teams, which lack some features than the paid plans, but the free plan has enough feature for helping developers with API development. 

About the migration of existing users to the new plan:

  • An existing user of the free version will continue using the version as it is. 
  • Existing postman enterprise users will be migrated automatically to the new business plan, but the existing limit and features will remain as it is.
  • Existing pro annual users will be migrated to the new team plan, with their existing features and limits.
  • Existing pro monthly users will be migrated to the new team plan, with their existing features and limits.

Postman’s popularity is going high every day, and they are adding new features on are a regular basis. Maybe that is the reason for this price change.

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