Postman plan and pricing update 2021

Postman’s plan and pricing are changed in 2021. In a blog post, these changes are announced. The new plan will be effective from 1st December 2021.

The plans and prices were changed last February 2020.

As new features are coming in postman and the performance is getting better, so based on that, the postman team has decided to set the new pricing.

Here are the latest plan structure and price for each plan:

Per-User/Month (Billed Monthly)
(Billed Yearly)
Team SizePrevious Plan NameNotes
Free$0$01-3Free1. This free plan is a team plan now, up to 3 users can collaborate on the free plan.
Basic$15$12No LimitPostman Team1. All existing customers subscribed to the “Postman Team” plan will be migrated to this “Basic” plan.
2. Previous team size limit was 1-19, but now there is no limit.
Professional$36$29No LimitPostman Business1. Previous team size limit was 20-99, but now there is no limit.
EnterpriseContact Sales$99 (Contact Sales)No LimitPostman Enterprise

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