Pop!_OS 20.10 Released

Pop! _OS 20.10 is available now to download. It is based on the Ubuntu 20.10 version (Groovy Gorilla) released on 22 October 2020. It introduced stackable tiled windows and floating window exceptions in an auto-tiling mode, which helps users while doing multi-tasking; stackable tiles help users stacks up to 4 tabs side-by-side in a flawless manner. Fractional scaling was also introduced, and an external monitor supports hybrid graphics in hybrid graphic mode with the new update.
Pop! _OS primarily uses free software, with some proprietary software used for hardware drivers for Wi-Fi, discrete GPU, and media codecs. It comes with a wide range of default software, including LibreOffice, Firefox, and Geary. Additional software can be downloaded using the package manager.
Pop! _OS uses APT as its package manager and initially did not use Snaps or Flatpak, but Flatpak support was added in version 20.04 LTS. Software packages are available from the Ubuntu repositories, as well as Pop! _OS’s repositories. Pop! _OS was developed by the American Computer Manufacturer “System76” headquartered in Denver, United States.
System76 is specialized in the sale of different kinds of computers and servers like Laptops, Desktops, and large network servers. System76 supports free and open-source software; in support of Open-sourced Software, they offer their products with either Ubuntu or their developed Ubuntu-Based Pop! _OS. System76 developed Pop! _OS for their hardware, which they specialize in, and customize it, they’ve made some minor changes in Ubuntu and loaded some additional features, apps, utilities, Customized GNOME interface, and Customized Pop!_OS on top of it to work efficiently with System76’s hardware. The latest version of the Pop!_OS includes all the core functions released with the newer version of Ubuntu 20.10, including a GNOME 3.38 base, the Linux 5.8 kernel, and guaranteed app and security updates for the next nine months (eighteen months support before 13.04 version). Before Version 17.10 of Ubuntu, System76 install Ubuntu on their Hardware, but when Ubuntu released their 17.10 version, System76 chose to develop their own in-house software Ubuntu to install in their hardware.
Pop! _OS uses Ubuntu as the base software for their customized Pop! _OS because Ubuntu is
Linux-based Open-sourced software (which supports their aim to provide open-sourced software to customers). Ubuntu is built on Debian’s architecture and infrastructure and comprises Linux server, desktop, and discontinued phone and tablet operating system versions. Ubuntu is a popular choice for Cloud Computing with OpenStack’s support, and it is also a trendy choice among the Programmers as well. Pop! _OS is based on the GNOME Shell extension, the core part of Ubuntu.
Pop! _OS is available in two versions, one is for Computers with Intel Integrated Graphics and AMD Graphics, and the second is for NVIDIA powered Computers.

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