People in today’s world are dealing with the risk caused by numerous types of cyberattacks. Out of them, phishing has received a lot of attention. As a computer user, it is important for you to have a strong understanding of phishing. Then you will be able to refrain from being a victim of it. That’s where you must have a strong understanding of what phishing is all about.

What exactly is phishing?

Phishing is the technique, which hackers use in order to get hold of your personal information. They are mainly interested in gaining access to your email login credentials, online banking login credentials, and social media login credentials. During phishing, a hacker will send out a deceptive email or a website to you. On the website, you will be able to see a link, which will take you to a website. This website will look pretty much similar to a website that you trust.

For example, a hacker will send you a URL and say that a file that you need is uploaded to the cloud. In order to access that file, you will be asked to log in with your email username and password. This is where you need to take a look at the URL. During a phishing attack, you will notice that the URL you see is quite different from the URL that you are familiar with. In such a situation, you need to understand that you are about to face a phishing attack. Hence, you will need to take appropriate actions to ensure your protection. This will deliver a high level of protection to you and provide you with the chance to stay away from frustration that you may have to deal with.

During the phishing attacks, hackers often tend to use email as their weapon. That’s because it is possible for them to hide the exact link and send it. In case if you miss double-checking the link at the time of entering your login credentials, you will be passing them over to the hacker. As soon as you click on the login button, your credentials will be saved on a database of a hacker. That’s why you need to be extra mindful of phishing. That’s because the hacker will be able to use your username, email and password to gain access to your online account. In such a situation, you will be disclosing all your information to a hacker. You should never allow that to happen. Therefore, you should remain extra mindful and act with your common sense to stay away from phishing attempts.

Phishing attacks are extremely common. You will be able to find how lots of people become victims of phishing attacks on a daily basis. You should keep this fact in your mind and make sure that you don’t become a victim of a phishing attack. It will help you to ensure your protection and use the internet while keeping the peace of mind. 

How to protect yourself from phishing attacks? 

A variety of methods are available for you to secure your online accounts and enjoy peace of mind in the long run. Here is a list of some of the most effective methods available out there for the people to secure their online accounts. 

  • Keep your passwords secure 

Keeping your passwords secure can be considered as one of the best methods available for you to secure your online accounts. If somebody can get hold of your password, he would be provided with access to all your online accounts. Therefore, you should pay special attention to maintaining a secure password. In addition, you need to make sure that you don’t become a victim of phishing, which can reveal your password to third parties. 

  • Make it a habit to delete browser cache 

Web browsers have the ability to keep track of the search history. This would contain the search forms that we filled during the past as well. After you stop browsing, you should make it a habit to delete the browser cache. If you can do it, nobody will be able to gain access to your accounts. Moreover, your online accounts would remain secure as well. 

  • Use CipherBoard

We use apps that can be found on our mobile phones to initiate most of the online accounts. However, you need to strengthen the security of accounts when you are using such mobile apps as well. That’s where CipherBoard can assist you with. It can offer encryption to any app that you use for online accounts. LinkedIn, Gmail, Google Hangouts, and Tinder are some of the most popular applications that are compatible with CipherBoard. It also offers a secure keyboard, which can be used for your online accounts with peace of mind. This mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, you can go ahead and secure your accounts through CipherBoard without keeping any doubts on the mind.

  • Don’t become a victim of Phishing attacks 

As mentioned earlier, you should be careful enough not to become a victim of phishing attacks. Phishing attacks spread mainly through emails. When you are redirected to a specific website after you click on the URL, you need to double-check whether you are on the legitimate website or not, before you enter your login credentials. If not, your login credentials would be passed over to a third party and all your online accounts would be revealed. 

  • Refrain from using multiple devices 

Most of the people who live out there in the world tend to use more than one device for online accounts. If you are such a person, you should minimize the usage of multiple devices as much as possible. Otherwise, there is a possibility for an attacker to get hold of your personal information and online accounts.  

Take a look at these methods and make sure that you refrain from Phishing attacks at all times.

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